A Complete Guide on How to Recycle Computers

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Purchasing a new computer, unboxing it, and experimenting with its unique and fancy features is always an exciting experience. But what should you do with an old computer? As we become more technology-driven, knowing how to dispose of old computers is one area that has often become a blur.

In our blog, we’ve put together a complete guide on how to recycle computers and why it’s essential to use a proper recycling service that stays in line with Atlanta regulations. 

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Why is it Essential to Recycle Your Computer?

If you’ve been researching how to recycle computers in Atlanta, you’ll want to ensure you understand the importance of recycling electronics before anything else. Your computer, whether at home or in a business, holds sensitive information and data. Everything from photographs, videos, website history, and personal information are just some of the things that are stored on your computer.

Even after placing your computer into a recycling container, your computer still might not be completely wiped clean of your personal information. This is one of the main reasons people hold on to their electronics because they’re unsure of how to handle the data that’s stored on them.

Throwing your computer into the garbage is one of the worst things you can do. Anyone, experienced hackers, in particular, can access your personal information. When you properly recycle your computer, all your data is efficiently scrubbed to sort through its recyclable materials.

When you properly recycle computers in Atlanta, your personal data is no longer at risk. Professionals highly recommend following the proper process to clean your hard drive before recycling your computer. Data security isn’t the only reason why it’s essential to recycle your computer.

Computers contain toxic materials and hazardous electronic waste that can harm the environment when thrown out into our landfills. Since computers are non-biodegradable electronics, you’ll need to recycle your computers to reduce the amount of landfill waste while also reducing the amount of hazardous emissions.

Recycling computers in Atlanta also allows others the opportunity to purchase their computer at a more affordable price. By recycling your computer, you can play a vital role in conserving energy and helping the environment. 

What Materials Are Computers Made Of?

Many computers today consist of many materials that help create their parts. According to engineering.com, over fifty of the world’s ninety natural elements are used in other eight billion computers. Many natural elements such as copper, lead, and aluminum are found in computers, along with Zinc and silicon. 

Computers also contain plastics that protect their natural components from heat and to produce electricity, often referred to as polymer capacitors. You might also find it shocking that many metals inside of your computers are metals from the earth. In addition, hard drives contain ruthenium, which is even more rare than gold and platinum.

Despite using so many materials to produce computers, you can safely recycle computers in Atlanta. Disposing of your computers accurately can prevent them from entering our landfills and damaging our environment with harmful toxins.

Today, over ninety percent of electronic waste is illegally recycled and transported to other countries from where they’re disposed of. Not only does this create problems for our environment, but it can also cause harmful health effects. Criminals often like to find electronic waste to get personal information from computers and hard drives that haven’t been properly wiped.

Therefore, computer recycling is essential.

What Should You Do Before Recycling Your Computer

Before you recycle your computers, you must efficiently wipe the data from your computer to remove anything sensitive. Many computers have a factory reset option. A factory reset option erases all unoriginal operating data and its software.

When recycling your computer, you’ll want to ensure you back up all sensitive and personal data that you want to have on your new computer. You’ll also want to make sure you give your computer an efficient clean if you’re planning to sell computer parts. 

How to Recycle Computers in Atlanta

Throwing your computer in a junkyard isn’t the best way to protect our environment, as it does nothing but clutter up our landfills and can release harmful toxins into our water, air, and soil. There are different methods you can use if you’re considering recycling your computer.

1. Sell Individual Parts

Many tech users are looking to save on costs by building their own computers by using individual parts they can purchase from friends or a recycling business. If you’re someone who collects used computers for a living, you might have a large number of computer parts you’re looking to part with.

One way to recycle computers in Atlanta is to sell individual computer parts on listing websites. Many tech-savvy users are searching the internet daily for new individual computer parts they can use to build new computers.

2. Repair and Resell Parts

Many times, older computers incapable of functioning only need a simple replacement piece or a thorough cleaning. If you’re someone who is familiar with computers, you can repair and resell parts of the computer.

You can clean out computers, replace the non-functioning parts, and resell them on websites or to friends and family. Refurbished computers are excellent sellers to those who are looking for a computer at an affordable cost.

If you’re familiar with repairing and refurbishing computers, this is one method you can use to recycle your computer.

Use Old Parts to Make a New Computer

If your old computer is no longer functioning, even with a few replacement parts, you can consider creating a “new” computer by using different parts from your old computer.

Building a new computer has become a popular activity among avid tech users, especially gamers who enjoy customizing their parts for faster speeds and better graphics. For a person who is interested in learning about computers, using old computer parts is one of the best ways to gain knowledge about the mechanical workings of a computer.

Building a new computer using old parts is also an excellent way to enhance your problem-solving skills since you’re making it from scratch.

3. Trade in Your Used Computer

Another way to recycle computers in Atlanta is to trade in your used computer. There are several websites and retail stores that will allow you to trade in your used computer, laptop, or other electronics for cash or for gift cards.

Trading in your used computer is one way you can recycle your computer and make money simultaneously.

Can I Throw My Old Computer Away?

When wanting to get rid of your computer, tossing it in a bin might seem like a more straightforward solution; however, this is not the case. Computers and other electronic waste can do severe damage to our environment and our landfills.

Electronics, such as computers, contain many elements that can leak into our environment and contaminate the ground we walk on. These harmful contaminants can not only get into our air, soil, and water, but they can affect our plants and ecosystem, further damaging our community.

Knowing how to recycle a computer properly is an excellent way to dispose of its toxic parts and save reusable components. 

Donate to an Electronic Waste Recycling Organization

Recycling computers in Atlanta is one approach to preserving our environment because it keeps away harmful toxins out of our landfills, water, and soil. Computers can also contain harmful toxins such as lead and mercury, which are detrimental to humans and can pose serious health risks if not handled correctly by a professional.

If these toxins are released into our environment, they can turn up in our water and food and contaminate our soil. This is why computer recycling is essential. Recycling companies, like Beyond Surplus, have the proper technology to efficiently extract these materials in a safe manner, and it is an eco-friendly approach to use old computer parts.

Beyond Surplus Computer Recycling

Beyond Surplus is one of the best computer recycling companies in Atlanta, making recycling your computer a breeze! We offer various electronic recycling opportunities so you can get rid of any electronics without the stress and headache. Our computer recycling services provide you with a safe and responsible way to get rid of your old computer and other outdated parts.

Recycling computers in Atlanta have many benefits, including its reduced costs, eco-friendly protection, and data security. At Beyond Surplus, we offer a variety of ways to recycle your computers, such as:

By Mail

When recycling your computer, you can choose items to recycle, such as laptops, MacBooks, and any Windows device. To recycle your computer by mail, you can request a shipping label and complete one of our forms. When you recycle your computer by mail, you’ll get a tracking number and an updated progress report of your device.

Our recycle-by-mail services are available for both home and business use. Regardless of the condition of your computer, you can ship your computer to Beyond Surplus directly from your home or business.

Since electronic waste contains many harmful toxins, we should do everything in our power to prevent them from getting into our environment. Valuable computers can be reused in addition to other electronic devices. For this reason, in particular, Atlanta has stringent computer recycling regulations for computers, laptops, and other devices.

To help your business comply with Atlanta regulations, Beyond Surplus has one of the best services for recycling computers in Atlanta. Our team of experts is in compliance with Atlanta regulations and provides a hassle-free approach to recycling computers. Our specific recycling services include:

  1. Computers & Laptops – Our professionals can recycle your motherboards, laptops, computers, and other parts and stay in compliance with local regulations. For the most part, these services are free for the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas.
  2. Hard Drive Shredding – You can protect your sensitive information and your customer’s personal data by using a hard drive shredding service. Our hard drive shredding service can destroy data that is beyond recovery.
  3. IT disposal – Our professionals can help your company correctly dispose of your IT assets. If you have bulk items you need to dispose of, we can buy them outright.

If you need to dispose of your computer safely and want to stay in compliance with Atlanta regulations, we can offer our services for free and help you recycle your computer responsibly. 

How to Recycle Computers in Atlanta: FAQ

1. How do you dispose of computers?

When disposing of computers, you should not place them in a waste bin but in a recycling container to recycle at an electronic recycling organization.

2. Is it worth recycling old computers?

To preserve natural resources, recycling old computers allows the reuse of metals, plastic, gas, and other items.

3. How can old computers be recycled?

Many old computers can be recycled at an electronic waste recycling center.

4. How do I destroy a hard drive before recycling my computer?

The best way to destroy your hard drive before recycling your computer is through hard drive shredding.

5. Why shouldn’t old computers go to a landfill?

Old computers shouldn’t go into a landfill because harmful toxins can make their way into our air, water, and soil.

6. What parts of a computer cannot be recycled?

Damaged LCD screens cannot be recycled because of their mercury content.

7. Can I recycle my computer using curbside recycling?

There’s a very high chance that your curbside recycling service accepts computers, even if they collect metal parts. Computers are considered bulk equipment, so they take up a lot of space. Even if your neighborhood takes computers curbside, it’s not recommended as you risk exposing your personal data.

8. What should I do before recycling my computer?

Before recycling your computer, you should remove any and all personal data. If you’re recycling a laptop, you’ll also want to remove the battery due to transportation requirements.

9. Is throwing away a computer against the law?

More than twenty-five states now require you to recycle your electronics. Some of those states have even banned them from being thrown into landfills. Recycling computers has only continued to get easier for residents due to all the convenient recycling services offered.

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