Atlanta Business Shredding Service

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Beyond Surplus Offers Business Shredding Services, Electronics Recycling & IT Equipment Disposal. In addition to picking up your paper-based records, data tapes and shredding them offsite at our facility in a safe and compliant way as part of our Business Shredding Service.

What Is the Off-Site Shredding Process

Off-site shredding is a good choice for any sized shredding project and can help to eliminate private documents quickly and securely. Using an off-site shredding service is a cheaper solution than mobile shredding because of not shredding the documents on-site. There is no lack of security, but the major difference is mobile shredding allows for witnessing the shredding live.

Here’s how it works:

Beyond Surplus will provide secure shred bins to store your documents awaiting pick up.

A truck will come to your location to collect your shredding when requested.

Your documents will be safely transported to a nearby facility and destroyed quickly and effectively.

A certificate of destruction will be created to summarize the shredding process for your records.

Your shreds will be treated and prepared to create new paper products.

Atlanta Business Shredding Service

Atlanta Business Shredding Service offers shredding services to businesses needing to dispose of sensitive documents securely. The service offers off-site and drop-off shredding services to ensure documents are disposed of securely and comply with legal requirements.

Secure document shredding services for Atlanta businesses are becoming increasingly important as more companies realize the importance of protecting their sensitive information. With the rise of identity theft and other criminal activities, businesses must invest in secure document shredding services to ensure their information is safe.

Atlanta Paper Shredding Service

Secure and efficient document shredding is a must in today’s digital age. Atlanta Paper Shredding Service provides businesses and individuals with reliable and secure document destruction services.

Paper shredding services are essential to any business’s document security and data protection strategy. In Atlanta, Georgia, paper shredding services are essential due to the city’s high levels of identity theft and other criminal activities.

Data security is a critical concern for businesses and organizations of all sizes. As the amount of electronic data increases, the need to protect this data from unauthorized access has become increasingly important. Paper shredding services are one way to securely dispose of confidential documents without risking a security breach.

See below for the container guide and price guide.

Atlanta document destruction services

Atlanta document destruction services provide businesses with secure and reliable document destruction services to protect confidential information from potential misuse. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, these services can help protect your sensitive documents and ensure that your data remains secure and private.

Atlanta Document Destruction Services” provides businesses with secure destruction of sensitive documents, hard drives, and other data storage media. The company offers secure document storage, on-site and mobile shredding services. The company also offers secure destruction for digital media, such as CDs, DVDs, and thumb drives.

Document destruction services are essential to safeguard confidential information for businesses and individuals. From shredding paper documents to securely erasing digital files, document destruction services protect sensitive information.

Prices & Container Guide

Atlanta Business Shredding Service, (404) 905-8235

1 Bin: Prices Start At $300.00

A typical shred bin has a 65-gallon capacity and holds 230 lbs of paper which is approximately 15,000 sheets of paper.

Size: 43″ x 26″ x 30″

Atlanta Business Shredding Service, (404) 905-8235

1 Box: Prices Start At $100

A typical Bankers box® holds approximately half a drawer of letter or legal files and weighs 30lbs when full.

Size: 15″ x 12″ x 10″


Atlanta Data Tape Shredding Service

Atlanta Data Tape Shredding Service is a leading provider of secure shredding services, offering businesses the highest level of security for their sensitive data. Their secure shredding process ensures that confidential data tapes are destroyed and disposed of safely and securely.

Data tape shredding is the process of destroying physical media containing sensitive information, such as paper, CDs, and magnetic tapes, to prevent unauthorized access to the data. This process is becoming increasingly important as organizations strive to protect their sensitive data from unauthorized access or misuse.

Data security has become one of the foremost concerns of businesses in this information age, as organizations store more and more of their critical data on tapes. The threat of data breaches and the ensuing loss of confidential information can be a serious issue for any business.

Atlanta Data Tape Shredding Service provides businesses with secure and reliable data tape shredding services. With advanced security measures and experienced technicians, they ensure that all information is securely destroyed and disposed of. Our services are designed to provide a quick and easy way to dispose of sensitive data securely, and their services are available nationwide.

The types of tapes we commonly shred include:

8MM, AIT, DAT, DDS, DLT, DTF, IBM 3570, 3590, 3592, LTO, Magstar


Atlanta Hard Drive Shredding Service

An Atlanta hard drive shredding service protects your data from theft, loss, and misuse. Learn how this service works, its benefits, and how you can get started with it today. Data security is a top priority for any business.

Shredding hard drives and other data storage devices is essential in protecting your information from falling into the wrong hands. This service is essential for businesses in Atlanta, as it helps ensure their sensitive customer information and other corporate data safety.

Data security is an ongoing concern for businesses of all sizes, and Atlanta Hard Drive Shredding Service is the solution. The cost-effective service destroys hard drives and other media, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and out of malicious hands.

Secure hard drive shredding is essential for organizations in Atlanta to protect confidential information. With the proliferation of digital data and the threat of data theft, it is essential to ensure that all sensitive information is securely destroyed.

Keep your company compliant.  Our Hard drive and data destruction methods comply with HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, The Patriot Act, Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, and others. See Hipaa FAQ

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