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Fax Machine, Copier, Laser & Inkjet Printer Disposal

Fax Machine, Copier, Laser & Inkjet Printer Disposal. For All brands and types of fax machines, copy machines, laser printers, inkjet printers regardless of condition. See the Complete List Of Accepted & Not Accepted Items For Recycling

Call (404) 905-8235 For Printer Disposal Or Printer Recycling

Are you looking to get rid of an old printer in Atlanta? If so, you have several options for recycling it. From local recycling centers to online resources, you can find a convenient way to dispose of your printer and keep it out of landfills. Beyond Surplus handles all aspects of Printer disposal or Printer Recycling for residential or business customers. Call (404) 905-8235 or complete the form to get started.

Fax Machine, Copier, Laser & Inkjet Printer Disposal

Whether your printer is a lightweight budget inkjet like Lexmark or Hp or a bulky workhorse enterprise workgroup hp laser, a single-function printer or a versatile all-in-one (AIO) fax scan printer, the time will come when you’ll need to find a responsible way to dispose of it. We can help.

Fax Machine, Copier, Laser & Inkjet Printer Disposal (Fee Per Printer)

Printer recycling is an important part of keeping Atlanta a sustainable and green city. By recycling printers, Atlanta can reduce its environmental impact and save money by avoiding the costs associated with disposing of electronic waste. Printer recycling also helps protect the environment and reduce the amount of hazardous materials that end up in landfills.

Chargeable Items

Residential Customer Printers Or Printers Dropped of At warehouse: starting at $20 Per Printer If the printer is dropped off at the warehouse (Laser OR Inkjet) , Printers/Copiers are mostly plastic & have Zero (0.00) Scrap/recycling value. 

CLICK HERE To Pay For Copier/Printer Disposal Fee

OR Pay Cash on Drop off (Exact Change)

Business Customer Printer Fee:  $XX.XX there is a fee, please request a free no obligation quote for Pickup & disposal of computers, printers or fax machines.

Toner: New & Sealed Toner, $0.00; Used Toner, $10 Per Cartridge

* Fee Can only be waived for businesses/commercial customers with a significant number of other computer equipment for pickup.

Copiers: $100 Fee if Dropped off at our warehouse

Fax Machine, Copier, Laser & Inkjet Printer Disposal

Copiers, Printers, DC’s, DVD Discs, Data Backup Tapes have ZERO (0) scrap value, if picked up alone without other equipment a minimum $200 fee will be charged. E.g A business wants Only copiers or 1 or 2 copiers/printers to be picked up, contact us to request a quote. If you have a large volume of copiers or printers contact us before delivery or pickup for a quote. If you have A large quantity of software discs, dvd’s, data tapes, contact us for a quote.

Dot Matrix Or Thermal Printers (NO Charge)

There is no charge for the disposal of Dot matrix or thermal printers. This includes Zebra thermal printers.

Printer Recycling Near Me

The Atlanta metropolitan area is home to a vibrant and diverse population of people from all walks of life. As such, the city is also home to many businesses, many of which rely on printers for their operations. Call (404) 905-8235 For Printer Recycling Near me.

Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the largest cities in the United States and is home to several large businesses and organizations. With this comes the need to dispose of old electronics, such as computers, laptops, IT Equipment, printers, and other electronic items. To help alleviate the environmental impact of these discarded electronics, the city of Atlanta has implemented a comprehensive electronics recycling program.

Why Recycle Printers In Atlanta?

Recycling your printer has a number of benefits for both the environment and your pocket. This article looks at a few of these advantages and how you can go about recycling your printer responsibly. Printers are a common item in many households, but they can be a real problem when it comes to disposing of them.

Recycling used printer cartridges is one of the many ways to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills or incinerators. The environmental benefits of recycling are well documented, yet the economic incentives to do so have not been fully explored.

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