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Recycling Reviews
Jennice Ozment
13:44 18 Nov 22
Twice now Beyond Surplus has professionally and quickly removed our company's e-waste. They are very easy to work with and I cannot recommend them highly enough. We will definitely be using them in the future.
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Steven Herron
13:29 03 Oct 22
Super service.
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Stanley Kalisch
18:08 02 Oct 22
It took a little time organizing things and taking pictures but the check-in with the equipment was easy and was free (for all the many items I brought). What a relief to clean out the house with that very old computer equipment. Beyond Surplus made it easy.
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Dan D
15:15 21 Sep 22
Easy drop-off of old computers and peripherals as well as hard drives for destruction. They make the process fast and simple. I was in and out in 6 minutes. A great way to recycle old electronics!
Recycling Reviews
Vipin Bansal
00:01 11 Sep 22
Very helpful. Thanks for everything 😊
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doug ginn
21:54 10 Sep 22
Awesome experience!
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christy D
22:43 02 Sep 22
They sent me a mailing label immediately upon request and I was able to mail out that old laptop.
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15:44 27 Aug 22
Quick and easy
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E S Morgan
22:00 26 Aug 22
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Sharon Scanlin
15:55 24 Aug 22
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Chris Strong
18:29 30 Jul 22
Recycling Reviews
Kerry Augustus
15:20 30 Jul 22
The attendant was very helpful and answered our questions
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Roxy Poxy
20:43 11 Jul 22
Recycling Reviews
Randy ATL
18:14 09 Jul 22
Excellent service! They make disposal of electronics very easy.
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Bruce Switzer
18:12 30 Jun 22
Clean, well organized- quick in/out. Exceeded expectations.
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Stanley Cox
19:28 27 Jun 22
Nice people working there!
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Tricia Solinski
20:59 11 Jun 22
Could not recycle what I had. But told me where I could find the service I needed. Above and beyond!
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Thomas Chernetsky
00:57 03 Jun 22
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Xuezheng Song
18:48 30 May 22
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to drop off electronics for recycling. Will use again!!
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Grant Knox
13:09 15 May 22
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Nicholas Thompson
17:05 08 May 22
Very easy to do business with. Easy drop off and the guy on duty quickly helped me sort out my items to correct bins
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Scott Laschkewitsch
12:54 07 May 22
Very helpful & super responsive! Thank you for this service!
Recycling Reviews
Jonathan Yergin
02:01 05 May 22
They are remodeling the office, but it was easy to follow the signs and recycle my old laptop.
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Michael Strange
16:21 08 Apr 22
No hassle, easy direction, personable staff. Drive up and place your items in clearly labeled bins.
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Jeremy Peffer
13:53 04 Apr 22
This place is great! They accepted for recycling many hard to recycle items such as an old microwave I had. Drop off was easy as a helpful employee directed me which collection bins in which to put all of the assorted electronics I brought for recycling, as it can be confusing which item goes in which bin.
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Juliet Streeter
19:10 20 Mar 22
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Linh Le
14:23 14 Mar 22
Recycling is always a good thing. Beyond Surplus made it easy and convenient to recycle my electronics.
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Hatfield Harare
13:05 01 Feb 22
We are a not for profit, they helped us get rid of old computer equipment accumulated over the year. we are glad to be able to recycle old apple macbooks and imacs.
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Pedro Sintes
15:50 29 Jan 22
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Sandy Smith
13:57 23 Jan 22
Farai over at Beyond Surplus is great! He was super helpful when I needed to dispose of our old IT equipment. Unfortunately, our small business had to shut our doors, but a simple search for Computer Recycling brought us to Beyond Surplus. Free pick up and made some money on our old equipment.Thanks guys!
Recycling Reviews
Steve Corpus
22:08 02 Jan 22
Beyond surplus is amazing! I’m an IT manager and I recently had to travel to Atlanta to shut down an office. A friend recommended Beyond Surplus to help dispose of our excess equipment. Beyond Surplus was extremely helpful, not only did they offer free pick up but they also paid for the equipment. This is a review that I’m excited to give! Great business super helpful staff, smooth process
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00:08 01 Jan 22
I found Beyond Surplus on Thursday after calling around other recyclers in Atlanta that wanted an appointment i was given instructions over the phone and even sent an email. I did not need an appointment to drop off, i was met by a nice young man that directed me where to place my electronics in clearly marked bins. FYI presort your items. It was effortless as recycling should be.
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Dennis Sandretto
14:46 18 Dec 21
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Frank Kilgard
14:09 07 Dec 21
Company did respond and pointed out a local option for me. They didn't have to do that, and I thank them.
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Jean Wang
19:49 14 Nov 21
Excellent service! When I called, I got prompt answer and detailed instructions. When I dropped my electrics, there were two gentlemen helped me unloading and told me that the computers data would be cleaned. Will strongly recommend this service.
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Michael Wolf
19:29 07 Nov 21
Recycling Reviews
Ernest Saavedra
20:43 04 Nov 21
Great experience working with their account manager Rachel Kudina. Clear communication and very responsive via email or through calls.They helped disposed from two of our office sites with our IT equipment.Will definitely work with them again.
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carol williams
11:41 22 Oct 21
Recycling Reviews
Michael Cox
00:58 22 Oct 21
The whole process was very efficient. I highly recommend this electronics recycling service.
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Pat Horne
15:33 21 Oct 21
It was extremely easy to schedule a pickup. They arrived exactly on time and did a professional job collecting our legacy equipment. Outstanding experience.
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Tyrone Dudley
11:04 18 Oct 21
Beyond Surplus continues to show superb service. We appreciate you assessing and satisfying our recycling need.
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Michael Earl
19:54 12 Oct 21
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Lynda Walker
18:36 11 Oct 21
Such nice people. They helped me take everything out of my car
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Angela Bolt
23:22 24 Sep 21
Made an appointment the night before and everyone we talked to was friendly!!
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Joe Stewart
22:26 01 Sep 21
This place is great. Free and they take just about anything that takes electricity.
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JK Photos
17:53 29 Aug 21
Easy and convenient way to properly dispose of unwanted electronics.
Recycling Reviews
Seneca Allen
19:35 27 Aug 21
These folks are great. We've been using them to pickup our electronics recycling for a couple of years now, and they're always timely, professional, and friendly. I really appreciate their willingness to be flexible and always do what they promise.
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Bill Ward
16:35 13 Aug 21
Took all my old electronic. Easy to find. Very courteous gentleman helped me unload my drop off. Bins labeled for different items. Very clear on items that they did not take. Will definitely recommend them.
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Mark Conner
14:45 07 Aug 21
Recycling Reviews
Tanea Brown
21:03 04 Aug 21
Recycling Reviews
dave moore
00:10 28 Jul 21
Recycling Reviews
Sonya Wigfall
16:11 19 Jul 21
This place is awesome! I had several computers, cords, etc. that were no longer used and taking up space in my home. Just as I was about to pay to have these destroyed, I came across Beyond Surplus. The process was quick and easy.
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Kiara Fisher
18:40 15 Jul 21
This was my first time talking to the staff and they are very polite and helpful. The quickly cleared up any confusion I had and I will definitely use their services and recommend them to anyone looking to recycle their electronics.
Recycling Reviews
Jeff Edwards
16:50 15 Jul 21
Excellent customer service, well beyond what I expected.
Recycling Reviews
Bill Eubanks
18:51 12 Jul 21
Great set up recycling electronics. So friendly and helpful. Their website explains exactly what can be donated.
Recycling Reviews
Jason Rhoades
13:47 08 Jul 21
I had a great experience with the pickup! Extremely friendly and time efficient.
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Amy LeBlanc
13:48 02 Jul 21
responsive, professional and good customer service. Beyond Surplus has been a big help for our business
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Naty Baaklini
19:22 01 Jul 21
You know all those old and nonfunctional electronics you have stashed in the closet, in that one desk drawer, on that shelf in your garage that you don’t know what to do with? Take them to these folks! Easy drop off. They took my old computer parts, cell phones, assorted cables and headphones, and tablets for free.
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Khadija Graham
16:51 24 Jun 21
They were so fast and professional! This service was free which is a plus because I work for a Non-profit organization so we are always looking for ways to save. This company really helped us a lot!
Recycling Reviews
Brian Morris
15:38 23 Jun 21
Beyond Surplus was exactly as advertised. Very easy to work with, on-time, and extremely efficient! I would recommend this company to anyone with surplus equipment removal needs!
Recycling Reviews
Patience Guyton
17:50 17 Jun 21
Recycling Reviews
Erin Corman
15:58 14 Jun 21
Recycling Reviews
Joe Girardot
21:14 04 Jun 21
Recycling Reviews
12:39 28 May 21
Good morning, and thanks your, help.
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Alexander Schulman
14:12 25 May 21
Recycling Reviews
Debra Turner
12:37 25 May 21
From the moment they responded to my call for pickup of retired computer equipment, scheduling, and especially the day of pickup....they were exceptional! The driver was professional, kind and worked very hard to assure business was not interrupted during the transition of the materials. THANK YOU!
Recycling Reviews
Bo Forehand
21:30 21 May 21
Recycling Reviews
Patrick Bell
17:07 26 Apr 21
Recycling Reviews
Kim Jameson
13:21 22 Apr 21
Highly recommend Beyond Surplus. Very professional, supportive, made the whole process very easy. My POC was Frank and he couldn't have been more helpful. We had 3500 pounds of IT related equipment, cords, printers, scanners, etc, that had accumulated over the years and we feel so much better knowing it's getting properly recycled and disposed. Thank you all so much!!
Recycling Reviews
Dee LaBrocco
23:26 19 Apr 21
Recycling Reviews
Beth Fernandez
15:10 13 Apr 21
Recycling Reviews
Carolyn Sqrow
18:00 25 Mar 21
Recycling Reviews
Stephanie Loose
00:58 23 Mar 21
Recycling Reviews
Jada Shamley
16:27 16 Mar 21
Amazing customer service! Whenever I had a question, they were able to give me direct answers. Pick-up was smooth and on time. Will definitely be working with them again in the future.
Recycling Reviews
Barco Davidson
16:30 15 Mar 21
Simple and easy process. Unloaded a lot of accumulated recyclables with no effort!
Recycling Reviews
George T. Armijo
16:26 15 Mar 21
Very helpful with all our questions. Even though we couldn’t use your services, you were helpful in suggesting alternatives. Thank you.
Recycling Reviews
Mary Gimbert
02:26 14 Mar 21
I was happy to be able to drop off 2 old laptops & accessories with Beyond Surplus. All taken care of - out of my hands.
Recycling Reviews
Mary Sponseller
22:31 13 Mar 21
Quick easy computer recycling and free too. Recycles other things too. Clean friendly service.
Recycling Reviews
Sally Buckner
14:51 01 Mar 21
The gentleman who picked up our equipment was very polite and professional.
Recycling Reviews
Mike Anderson
16:04 28 Feb 21
Recycling Reviews
Tracey Newton
22:49 25 Feb 21
Great service. Pleased with how quick and easy the process was.
Recycling Reviews
Ron Holland
22:40 12 Feb 21
Well when called in the person was nice and gave out good information and directions
Recycling Reviews
Brian D A
17:35 08 Feb 21
Super easy drop off experience.
Recycling Reviews
Jonathan Mattera
19:19 02 Feb 21
Quality work done by the Beyond Surplus crew!
Recycling Reviews
M Hilliard
15:57 25 Jan 21
Extremely convenient and easy for disposing of my old computers. Very organized and touchless interaction. I would highly recommend and will use these guys the next time the need arises.
Recycling Reviews
Keith Moore
21:18 23 Jan 21
Was able to leave all my electronics other than small printer and vacuum cleaner for FREE! Extremely easy and Covid safe. Drove into their driveway and within a couple minutes an employee opened a garage door for me to unload. They helped direct me as to which bin my equipment should be deposited, but stayed at least 15’ away at all times! No wait on a rainy Thursday morning. I try to support my local high school recycling events, but this is a great alternative when you can’t wait!!!
Recycling Reviews
Chris Harden
23:34 20 Jan 21
Everything went smoothly and I was very pleased with the experience.ThanksChris
Recycling Reviews
Kim Kappel
16:39 14 Jan 21
Very easy and straightforward drop off!
Recycling Reviews
Jefferson Clarke
23:00 12 Jan 21
Professional, helpful and friendly. Best place to clear out some of your old junk electronics.If you're a business they also do pickups.Very nice place.
Recycling Reviews
17:02 11 Jan 21
I finally did it. I got rid of 3 desktop computers that have cluttered my office for years. I paid extra and got to watch my hard drive removed and destroyed right in front of me. I’m so glad I did this. #peaceofmind. I will come back sooner next time. Thanks.
Recycling Reviews
Kelsey Spencer
17:40 06 Jan 21
Very efficient. Someone opens the garage when you pull in. Follow the signs with arrows. So happy this business exists!
Recycling Reviews
Steve Arnold
19:58 05 Jan 21
Great place to drop off e-waste. When I arrived, they opened a large roll-up door and from a COVID-19 safe distance explained the sorting bins. I dropped off PCs, a laptop, a receiver, game console, old cables and wires, circuit boards, clock radios, dead UPS batteries and a bunch of other random stuff that was building up in my garage.Helpful, informative website, helpful staff - on phone and in person and frictionless process. Glad they’re there to provide this valuable service. 40 mile drive for me but totally worth it.
Recycling Reviews
Courtney Phillips
04:53 10 Dec 20
Beyond Surplus has a great website and I felt perfectly prepared for my drop off as a result. I was looking for a place to take a ton of old laptops that would handle them safely, found them on Google, and was so thrilled with how easy it all was. I got email confirmation for a paper trail if needed which was icing on the cake. To the company: thanks for doing what you do!!
Recycling Reviews
Gerald Banks
17:51 13 Nov 20
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