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“Great place to drop off e-waste. When I arrived, they opened a large roll-up door and from a COVID-19 safe distance explained the sorting bins. I dropped off PCs, a laptop, a receiver, game console, old cables and wires, circuit boards, clock radios, dead UPS batteries and a bunch of other random stuff that was building up in my garage.

Helpful, informative website, helpful staff – on phone and in person and frictionless process. Glad they’re there to provide this valuable service. 40 mile drive for me but totally worth it.”

Steve Arnold

“Beyond Surplus is right in my backyard and I never knew what recycling services they offered. I needed to recycle 4 hard drives, monitors, keyboards, and other computer components. They took all of it. Their website is updated with detailed information on what they recycle, what to expect, where to go, and all the details. When I arrived, there was a person there to guide me on where to put my electronics. It was an easy process and they were super friendly. They even went an extra step and provided me information on where to recycle glass, landscaping debris, used motor oil, batteries, paper products and bulbs. I highly recommend them.”

Kat McG

“Excellent experience with Beyond Surplus. Great communication as we set up for them to come and pick up what turned out to be about 1200 lbs of old computer equipment. The driver who came was very professional and did a great job taking everything and getting it out of the office without disruption to the daily routine of the rest of the office. I was very happy with the experience from the website to set up for the pickup to the time all the old equipment was out of the office space. I also got a report after the equipment was at their facility which included photos and the weight, which I thought was great documentation for my records.”

Bryan Zaremsky

“It took a little time organizing things and taking pictures but the check-in with the equipment was easy and was free (for all the many items I brought). What a relief to clean out the house with that very old computer equipment. Beyond Surplus made it easy.”

Stanley Kalisch

“We have used Beyond Surplus twice now for recycling laptops and desktops no longer needed within the company. They were fast and efficient with coming to get and haul away our old items. I definitely recommend them for businesses in the Atlanta area.”

Jason Strain

“Twice now Beyond Surplus has professionally and quickly removed our company’s e-waste. They are very easy to work with and I cannot recommend them highly enough. We will definitely be using them in the future.”

Jennice Ozment

“I highly recommend Beyond Surplus! The staff were friendly, courteous, professional, and very helpful. I also appreciated their advice on how to prepare my e-waste for recycling/disposal. From beginning to end, the process was easy and convenient. My home office is a joy to work in again, now that the e-clutter is gone!”

Valerie Roberts

“Beyond Surplus has been fantastic to work with. They have helped us clear an immense amount of e-waste from our building and are extremely accommodating when working with the times we need them to arrive. The workers are professional and courteous and always willing to go above and beyond to help us where needed. Highly recommend Beyond Surplus!”

Emily Seeder

Great experience working with their account manager Rachel Kudina. Clear communication and very responsive via email or through calls.

They helped disposed from two of our office sites with our IT equipment.

Will definitely work with them again.

Ernest Saavedra

“Highly recommend Beyond Surplus. Very professional, supportive, made the whole process very easy. My POC was Frank and he couldn’t have been more helpful. We had 3500 pounds of IT related equipment, cords, printers, scanners, etc, that had accumulated over the years and we feel so much better knowing it’s getting properly recycled and disposed. Thank you all so much!!”

Kim Jameson

“Farai over at Beyond Surplus is great! He was super helpful when I needed to dispose of our old IT equipment. Unfortunately, our small business had to shut our doors, but a simple search for Computer Recycling brought us to Beyond Surplus. Free pick up and made some money on our old equipment.

Thanks guys!”

Sandy Smith

“Beyond Surplus has a great website and I felt perfectly prepared for my drop off as a result. I was looking for a place to take a ton of old laptops that would handle them safely, found them on Google, and was so thrilled with how easy it all was. I got email confirmation for a paper trail if needed which was icing on the cake. To the company: thanks for doing what you do!!”

Courtney Phillips

“These folks are great. We’ve been using them to pickup our electronics recycling for a couple of years now, and they’re always timely, professional, and friendly. I really appreciate their willingness to be flexible and always do what they promise.”

Seneca Allen

“Excellent company to work with! Communication was a 10. If only all E-waste companies were as easy to work with.”

Michelle Sandburg

“Excellent service! When I called, I got prompt answer and detailed instructions. When I dropped my electrics, there were two gentlemen helped me unloading and told me that the computers data would be cleaned. Will strongly recommend this service.”

Jean Wang

“Convenient location, easy drop off of equipment, employees were knowledgeable and pleasant. There is not an abundance of recycling locations willing to take a small number of items, most seem to be geared toward the larger companies with big loads so I was happy to find Beyond Surplus and to be assured all data remaining on my equipment would be properly destroyed. Very pleased and highly recommend.”

Sherri Potter

“We corresponded over email about a load of old computers and monitors. They were quick to respond and scheduled a time to come out and pick up our equipment. The guys that picked everything up were polite, brought their own equipment to transport everything, and it was all completed in a timely manner. Overall very easy and professional, would definitely use again the next time we have another load of recyclables.”

Nathan Singleton

“Was able to leave all my electronics other than small printer and vacuum cleaner for FREE! Extremely easy and Covid safe. Drove into their driveway and within a couple minutes an employee opened a garage door for me to unload. They helped direct me as to which bin my equipment should be deposited, but stayed at least 15’ away at all times! No wait on a rainy Thursday morning. I try to support my local high school recycling events, but this is a great alternative when you can’t wait!!!”

Keith Moore

“I am an Administrative Assistant at the Myrtle Beach KOA, we had an abundance of old technology that we needed recycled. I spoke with Breanna King, Amanda Ryan and Tyler Smith. They all were very accommodating, kind and quick to respond to emails and calls. Together, they all made this process easy and enjoyable!”

Alison Stiglmeier

“You know all those old and nonfunctional electronics you have stashed in the closet, in that one desk drawer, on that shelf in your garage that you don’t know what to do with? Take them to these folks! Easy drop off. They took my old computer parts, cell phones, assorted cables and headphones, and tablets for free.”

Naty Baaklini

“Awesome experience! I was looking online for a recycler to take a ton of computer parts my company wanted me to scrap and I found beyond surplus who picked them up and provided me a list to show what they took for me! I’m in need to do it again!”

Rick Gunter

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