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Navigating the Labyrinth of IT Equipment Disposal?

For IT Directors and Managers, the constant cycle of updating and replacing IT equipment brings about unique challenges:

  1. Data Security
    Improper disposal of old hard drives can lead to severe data breaches.
  2. Environmental Responsibility
    It’s crucial to recycle obsolete equipment in an eco-friendly manner to avoid harming the environment.
  3. Asset Value Recovery
    High-value business equipment often loses its worth if not sold in a timely manner.

You shouldn’t have to navigate these complex challenges alone. Let Beyond Surplus handle your surplus equipment so you can get back to driving your organization’s IT strategy.

Beyond Surplus Can Help:

At Beyond Surplus, We Believe That Safe, Secure Disposal Of IT Equipment And Electronics Recycling Should Not Be Complicated.

We have simplified the process to these three steps below:

  1. Schedule A Consultation
    We start by understanding your specific needs and challenges related to IT equipment disposal.
  2. We’ll Develop A Customized Solution
    Based on your requirements, we provide a tailored solution that includes secure hard drive shredding, responsible recycling, and buyback of high-value equipment.
  3. You Get Peace of Mind
    With Beyond Surplus, you can rest assured that your IT assets are managed securely and responsibly, freeing you to focus on your core responsibilities. Most Importantly, We Protect your brand and image by Transferring all Liability to us and Issuing a Certificate Of Recycling and Data Destruction.

The Leading Nationwide Recycler

Navigating the Various Rules and Regulations As They Pertain To Your Industry Can Seem Daunting. We Can Help. Leverage Our Nationwide Footprint.

  1. Secure
    We prioritize data security. Our hard drive shredding services ensure complete destruction of sensitive data.
  2. Sustainable
    We adhere to strict environmental regulations, ensuring all obsolete IT equipment is recycled responsibly.
  3. Value Recovery
    We help you recover the value of your high-value business equipment through our buyback program.

We do all the planning, heavy lifting, and logistics coordination including on or offsite hard drive shredding so you can focus on your business.

Protect Your Brand & Image

Don’t let obsolete IT equipment become your liability. Beyond Surplus protects your brand & image by assuming all liabilities for the Safe and Responsible Disposal of Your IT and Equipment.

Be Proactive, Act Now

When disposing of outdated IT equipment, it pays to be proactive. Our IT equipment disposal service will help ensure your data is securely removed while protecting you from potential legal liabilities.

Rock Solid Industry Standards

Without professional IT asset disposal, you risk data breaches, environmental penalties, and lost returns from high-value equipment. Choose Beyond Surplus to transform your IT disposal challenges into opportunities.

Leverage Our Experience

Join our growing clientele of satisfied customers across Georgia who trust us with their IT equipment disposal needs. Let us lighten your load. Leverage the expertise we have gained from dealing with similar companies as yours.

About Us

Since 2010, Our mission at Beyond Surplus has been to provide a safe, secure, environmentally responsible solution to the dilemma of proper disposal of old computer systems, components, and electronic waste (e-waste). We are your Source for Premier Atlanta Computer Recycling Solutions.

Beyond Surplus offers convenient, secure, cost-effective IT Equipment Disposal And Electronics Recycling Services. We Cater To Businesses, Schools, Medical Facilities And Residential Customers.

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. We rely on various IT equipment, from smartphones to laptops, to carry out our daily tasks. However, as technology advances rapidly, the need for upgrading and replacing IT equipment has become more frequent.

Profit Sharing

Does your business have a large quantity of business-grade enterprise-level it equipment? Contact us about our profit-sharing programs for this type of equipment.

Electronics Recycling

We ensure that your electronics are recycled appropriately by all local, state & federal laws. We do not export your e-waste outside the U.S., ensuring that your used computers will never be in a landfill or improperly discarded.

Industries Served

We Provide IT Equipment Disposal Services to a wide range of clients, including Government Agencies, Healthcare Providers, Schools, Universities, Data Centers, and Corporations.

Hard Drive Shredding

Even a non-functional PC, Laptop, DVR, or Copier still has a hard drive full of data inside it. In this time of constant threats to data security, protecting your confidential information is one of our highest priorities.

Beyond Surplus FAQs

When it comes to disposing of old electronics, electronic recycling centers provide the most responsible and environmentally friendly solution. Electronic recycling is a process that repurposes electronic components such as computers and mobile phones into new, usable items like new computers or cell phones. By taking your old electronics to a recycling center, you will be preventing them from entering landfills where they can cause considerable environmental damage due to hazardous materials such as lead and mercury. In fact, research shows that throwing away an old computer can contribute more than 4 pounds of greenhouse gases into the environment!

Hard drive shredding is an important consideration for anyone that has ever owned confidential information, proprietary data, or sensitive material. When it comes to protecting the privacy of individuals and businesses, proper hard drive destruction is essential. With all the advances in technology today, including the ability to store large amounts of data on devices such as hard drives and other storage media, there are many risks associated with not properly destroying these devices prior to disposal or reuse.

We Provide IT Equipment Disposal Services to a wide range of clients, including Government Agencies, Healthcare Providers, Schools, Universities, Data Centers, Residential customers And Much More.

Yes, you can absolutely recycle your old iPad. iPad recycling or any other electronic device is one of the best ways to reduce waste and limit environmental damage. The benefits of recycling your old device are countless—not only does it keep gadgets out of landfills, but it also helps extend the life cycle of materials used in manufacturing new products and decreases the need to harvest more raw materials from the planet’s resources.

Computer recycling is a great way to reduce environmental damage and benefit society as a whole. Recycling computers leads to many benefits, from reducing the amount of materials wasted to decreasing energy costs associated with disposing of electronics in landfills.  

One of the major environmental benefits of computer recycling is that it allows for reuse of valuable materials. By reusing metals, plastics, glass, and other components used in creating computers rather than disposing of them, we can reduce our reliance on new resources that require large amounts of energy during extraction and production. The reuse also prevents hazardous chemicals such as lead or cadmium from polluting our environment when these elements are contained in electronic devices. In addition, recycled parts can be refurbished and redistributed at much lower prices than buying new ones, helping those who don’t have access to technology capabilities due to financial constraints. 

Another key benefit is that computer recycling promotes efficient use of resources since reused parts allow us to create more machines while using fewer raw materials from nature like metals or plastics which are limited natural resources required for production purposes – this reduces wastage both in terms manufacturing process and end-of-life disposal processes where discarded electronics often end up being sold overseas without proper management causing health issues among people exposed directly or indirectly by leakage pollutants into the air they breathe or water they drink day after day.  

Finally, it helps increase sustainability since components taken from old devices can be repurposed into newer models thus prolonging their life expectancy and curbing further emissions-related carbon output ultimately leading to less pollution overall with fewer fossil fuels burned during the transportation process when producing/manufacturing a product outside your local factory area – saving consumers money & time along with improving overall economic scenario within countries concerned significantly!

When it comes to disposing of electronics, safety is the top priority. It’s important to not only dispose of your electronics properly but also protect yourself from any potential data security risks when doing so. To ensure that you are properly disposing of your electronic waste in a safe and secure manner, here are some free disposal options for you:

Recycling programs – Many companies offer recycling programs for their products that allow them to be recycled for free. This includes manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP, and more! Simply find a local drop-off location or mail-in program near you in order to recycle your old devices safely and securely without any cost associated with it.

Donation centers – Local organizations like Goodwill will accept donations of old electronics such as computers, phones, tablets, and other electronic accessories at no cost – just make sure they are still functioning properly before handing them over! You may even be able to claim the value of these donated items on your taxes when filing this year!

Electronic take-back initiatives – Various states have launched e-waste take-back initiatives which allow households an easy way to responsibly dispose of their old electronic items without having to pay anything out-of-pocket – all while protecting our environment by keeping toxic lead elements out of landfills! Check with your state’s Department Of Environmental Protection or Natural Resources site online for more information about participation requirements near you.

There are several free ways available that can help you dispose of unwanted electronics easily and securely without paying anything out of pocket or compromising on safety standards while doing so!

When it comes to electronic waste (or e-waste) recycling, there are a few different types of materials that can be recycled. First and foremost, metals are incredibly easy to recycle and can even be turned into new products. Steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals can all be recycled by metal salvage operations for use in new electronics.

In addition to metals, a variety of plastics used in electronics like polystyrene foams or thermoplastics can also generally be recycled if labeled with the appropriate symbol indicating they’re recyclable plastics.  Similarly, most circuit boards found on computers or appliances can usually be separated out through reuse or scrap recovery services in order for the valuable elements contained within them to be recovered.

Other forms of e-waste may also have value depending on their makeup and condition such as certain batteries which still contain usable cells and must consequently go through special disposal protocols for safety reasons. Even printed paper items found within electronic equipment such as manuals may also have some level of financial value if sold in bulk quantities; this is because many times these papers might contain scraps from rare components that still retain some sort of value due to being hard-to-find parts worldwide when it comes time for repairs or replacements. Finally, while it might not seem worth mentioning at first glance; many components found inside electronic items (like redundant wires) often find a second life when repurposed during creative DIY crafting projects so even seemingly useless parts should never immediately get discarded without giving a thought about how they could benefit someone else’s vision down the line!