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Your Source for Premier Atlanta Computer Recycling Solutions

As the premier Atlanta computer recycling company, Beyond Surplus makes computer recycling in Atlanta easy and convenient. We offer an array of e-waste disposal solutions so you can get rid of your electronics without any hassle. From laptops and monitors to used medical equipment and hard drives, we can take it all. Our dedicated team can come to your residential or commercial property, or you can bring your computers to one of our drop-off points.

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Your Source for Premier Atlanta Computer Recycling Solutions

Beyond Surplus: Computer Recycling in Atlanta

Electronic waste contains lots of toxic substances that shouldn’t leak into the natural environment. In addition, these contain valuable materials that can be reused in other electronic products. That’s why Atlanta and other states have strict recycling policies for computers, laptops, and other electronics.

To help you or your company stay in compliance with such regulations, Beyond Surplus provides premier recycling services for computers. We stay in compliance with all recycling laws and provide quick and hassle-free services for your convenience.

  • Accepts Most Electronic Wastes: Beyond Surplus can help you get rid of most types of e-waste, especially recyclable high impact materials.
  • Does Not Export Hazardous Material to Other Countries: Unlike other companies in Georgia, we do not send dangerous electronic waste to other countries. We also ensure that these do not reach landfills and contaminate natural resources.
  • Serves Businesses and Homes: We work with both companies and homeowners to help them safely get rid of e-waste.
  • Other Services Offered: Beyond Surplus offers more than just computer recycling in Atlanta. We also offer hard drive shredding, IT asset disposition (ITAD), and other solutions.

Computer Recycling Atlanta: Serving Residential and Commercial Customers

For Businesses

For offices, retail spaces, and other commercial establishments, we can pick up your e-waste for recycling and disposal. Simply fill out our form and include information such as the type of equipment. We also request that you include an inventory list. For those who want to drop off their items, our facility in Smyrna Cobb County is open.

For Residential

Beyond Surplus does not offer residential pickups. However, you can drop off your items at our Smyrna Cobb County location. You can also mail in select computer equipment or items. Simply request a prepaid shipping label from us.

Smyrna Cobb County Location

Drop off or send your items to 1835 S Cobb Industrial Blvd SE #105, Smyrna, GA 30082.

Computer Recycle Atlanta Services Areas

Beyond Surplus serves Fulton County, Georgia and nearby areas. These include:

Computer Recycling Service Inclusions

Here’s what you can expect from our electronics recycling services.

  1. We offer free pickups for businesses in Atlanta with qualifying equipment. To see our list of accepted items, click here.
  2. All equipment we pick up will be inspected and sanitized. Our team removes asset tags, stickers, and identifying marks to protect your privacy.
  3. We dispose of or recycle all Atlanta computers in accordance with local and federal regulations. We Partner With R2-certified downstream vendors that help ensure zero electronic waste in landfills.
  4. Beyond Surplus offers Atlanta data destruction services. We provide free shredding for hard drives and other storage media, including DoD 5220.22-M data wipes per customer specifications.
  5. For your peace of mind, we can provide visual verification of the destruction. We either send you a video of it, or you can watch it in person for a fee.
  6. Our team can remove end-of-life electronic equipment from your building, bringing in the right tools and professionals for fast and safe removal.
  7. We handle the logistics of equipment pick-up and delivery from your company premises to our warehouse. In addition, Beyond Surplus can send technicians who can safely de-install your equipment if needed.
  8. We’ll take overview pictures of the equipment we received. This serves as the visual verification of the delivery to our facility.
  9. You can request a free Drop Off Receipt, Certificate of Recycling and Data Destruction, and Transfer of Liability contract. These guarantee that your e-waste will be recycled, disposed of, or destroyed beyond recovery.
  10. For businesses and customers that don’t qualify for free pickups, we offer free drop offs of acceptable items at our Smyrna warehouse.

Specific Services Offered

Computer and Laptop Recycling

We specialize in Atlanta computer recycling services. Let our team take care of your monitors, motherboards, laptops, and other peripherals with our EPA-compliant e-waste disposal solutions These are free for businesses and residents in the Atlanta metro area, for the most part.

Electronics Recycling

Beyond Surplus accepts most types of e-waste, not just laptops and computers. We can take care of your cameras, speaker and sound systems, game consoles, smartphones, and printers.

Hard Drive Shredding

Protect your and your customers’ sensitive information with our hard drive shredding services. We operate an industrial hard drive shredder that destroys media storage equipment beyond recovery.

IT Equipment Disposal

For your company’s ITAD needs, we’re here to help. We’ll help your business get rid of old IT hardware at no cost with a custom-developed IT asset disposal service program. If you have a large number of items you need to dispose of, you can have us buy them outright or employ profit sharing.

Medical Equipment Recycling

Hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and other healthcare institutions can rely on us to get rid of their electronic medical equipment. We offer a simplified medical equipment recycling program where we de-install, remove, and ship items from your facility to our warehouse.

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Ready to dispose of your e-waste safely and in compliance with environmental regulations? We offer free and convenient services to help you recycle or destroy items responsibly. Contact us now to schedule a pickup or a drop-off.

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