Healthcare Lab & Dental Equipment Disposal & Recycling

Healthcare Lab & Dental Equipment Disposal & Recycling see accepted list of  equipment below. This includes dental x ray equipment disposal, and disposal of old dental equipment.

Healthcare, Lab & Dental Equipment Disposal & Recycling

Handpieces & Instruments
Medical & Lab Equipment, Devices
Medical/Lab Equipment Attachments & Accessories
Medical, Lab & Dental Supplies
Medical, Lab & Caregiving Furniture
Other Healthcare, Lab & Dental

Handpieces & Instruments Disposal & Recycling

Biopsy & Surgical Punches
Dental Curettes & Scalers
Dental Curing Lights
Dental Handpieces
Dental Handpiece Control Units
Dental Handpiece Motors & Turbines
Dental Instruments
Dental & Medical Calipers
Endodontic Files, Broaches & Reamers
Endodontic Obturation Systems
Endoscope Systems & Camera Control Units
Forceps, Hemostats & Needle Holders
Gutta Percha Cutters & Trimmers
Laparoscopic Instruments
Medical Scissors & Shears
Orthodontic Pliers
Otoscopes & Ophthalmoscopes
Reflex Hammers
Scalpels, Surgical Blades & Handles
Specula & Sounds
Surgical & Orthopedic Instruments
Surgical & Orthopedic Saws
Surgical Handpieces
Surgical Retractors
Ultrasonic Scalers
Other Handpieces & Instruments