Loose Batteries Not Accepted Li-Lion Etc

Single or Loose Batteries are considered hazardous Waste. Single Or Loose Batteries are not accepted for drop-off at our facility regardless of type, size, quantity or condition. This includes Loose Lithium Ion Batteries from Laptops and Cellphones.

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Loose Batteries Not Accepted, Li-Lion Loose Lithium Ion Batteries From Laptops Or Cellphones etc

Additionally, a waste disposal fee will be assessed for commercial customers if included with equipment picked up.

Contact your local city or county sanitation, county dump, or solid waste disposal department for where to recycle batteries.  Single Or Loose refers to batteries removed from the device. Beyond Surplus will only recycle batteries if included with the device.

A $200 fee per single or loose battery will be charged if dropped off at our facility or picked up. 

Why We Don’t Accept Loose Batteries

You are not doing your local recycling company a favor by taking your loose Lithium-Ion batteries for recycling there.

Lithium-Ion batteries require excessive handling & processing as the terminals are required to be taped, each battery individually bagged and stored in expensive fireproof containers most importantly with detailed records kept as to the final destination.

This excessive handling and processing is done to be compliant with the Department Of Transportation’s (DOT) Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. The DOT’s Requirements make it not cost-effective for recyclers Like Beyond Surplus to handle, store or process any single or loose batteries. Only city, local, state or county dump or transfer facilities are better equipped to recycle batteries.

In perspective, Lithium-Ion Batteries are worth less than $1.00 per LB but even more so when packing, processing and handling costs alone are factored in it costs $100 or more per Battery to dispose off responsibly.

Restricted Or Items NOT Accepted For Recycling

All single Use or Loose batteries are not accepted. However, Batteries included inside the device are accepted. e.g Laptop with Lithium Ion Battery attached to the laptop is accepted for recycling.

Damaged, Defective or Recalled (DDR) Not Accepted

A Loose laptop battery by itself is not accepted. Damaged, defective, swollen or recalled batteries must be removed from the device before recycling said device through Beyond Surplus. DDR Batteries are not accepted regardless in the device or loose.

What is the $200 fee for?

For Those individuals or organizations that still want to utilize our loose battery disposal servers note the $200 fee per battery covers the processing and purchasing of special storage bins as mandated by the Department of Transportation.

Single Use Batteries  (Not Accepted)

Accepted Items, BEYOND SURPLUS
Single Use Batteries: Alkaline, NI-CAD, NI-MH, AA, AAA NOT ALLOWED

Single Use Batteries: Alkaline, NI-CAD, NI-MH, AA, AAA NOT ACCEPTED


(Lead Acid Battery Accepted, UPS, Backup  Battery Accepted)

How can you dispose of loose batteries?

What can you do with your loose batteries? Contact your local city or county sanitation, county dump, or solid waste disposal department for where and how to recycle single/loose batteries.

Due to safety and federal compliance reasons Beyond Surplus does not accept any loose batteries regardless of type or condition or quantity. Beyond Surplus no longer accepts loose batteries from the public.

Power Tools Accepted But Batteries Not

Power tools are accepted by Beyond Surplus, However without the battery. Remove the battery from any power tools you want to recycle and contact your municipal, city, or county facility for their proper disposal.