Free Residential & Business Electronics Recycling Services

Free Residential & Business Electronics Recycling Services

Beyond Surplus would like to acknowledge your environmental awareness and the positive impact you are making by diverting ewaste from the landfill, Thank you!

Accepted Items

How to dispose of a Computer in Atlanta

1. Are you a Residential Customer?

Welcome, You Can drop off your electronic equipment at our warehouse CLICK HERE! (NO Appointment Required). We are Open to the General Public. With All the hacking & identity theft going on in 2019 get a written guarantee that your “Data” & “Information” will be protected and your equipment will be recycled the right way (Your local Electronics Store or City/County recycling Center does not offer this service) ask for a drop off receipt & we will email you one. Residential Customers and businesses can drop off at our warehouse.

2. Are you A business?

CLICK HERE to Schedule A Free Pickup of your electronic equipment! The FREE PICK UP service is for commercial and business customers only. We will come to you.

3. Get A Free No Obligation Recycling Assessment!

You have taken the first step in safely recycling your laptops, computers, IT Equipment & electronics within the state of Georgia. Whether its e-waste recycling or computer junk removal Beyond Surplus can develop a custom service for you. Beyond Surplus is registered with the state of Georgia as an Electronics Recycler. We adhere to a zero-landfill policy for all electronic waste and do not export hazardous materials to other countries.

Residential customers & Businesses that do not qualify for a free pickup can drop off any number of Acceptable Items at our Smyrna warehouse during our normal business hours an appointment is NOT required for regular drop off’s unless if you require special services like watching us removing and or destroying your hard drive/s.

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4. What is included with the Free Service

Free Pickup for Businesses With Qualifying EquipmentSchedule A Free Pickup. We can remove, pack and transport the equipment to our facility.
Free Drop Off For Residential customers & Businesses that do not qualify for a free pickup or dont want to pay a fee can drop off any number of Acceptable Items at our Smyrna warehouse. (NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED)
Recycling and disposal of all equipment in accordance with all Local & Federal Regulations. R2 Downstream Vendors, Zero Electronic Waste in Landfill.
FREE In-house Shredding of Hard Drives, CD-Roms, floppy disks, and other magnetic media. Free DoD 5220.22-M Data Wipe &/or Physical Shredding, per customer specifications. Unlike your city/county run facility or big box store we do not subcontract hard drive shredding or data destruction, its all done in-house at our facility.
Free Drop Off Receipt / Certificate of Recycling and Data Destruction A Contractual Written Guarantee that your Equipment will be Recycled & Disposed of Responsibly & Your Data Will Be Destroyed Beyond Recovery. Your Local Electronics, Big Box Store, Local City or County run Recycling center provides no Written Guarantee that your equipment & data will be safeguarded and Recycled Responsibly, Only Beyond Surplus Provides this service.
Overview Pictures of the equipment when we receive it at our warehouse. “A picture is worth a thousand words” Visual Verification of equipment delivery to our facility.  

5. Items Accepted For Recycling

checkboxAudio Equipment: Amplifiers, Receivers, Speakers, Stereo, Turntable,checkboxIT Equipment of all types, Firewall, VPNcheckboxRF, Radio, and Ham Raido Parts
checkboxBackup systems, media, sdlt, dat, dlt, sdlt,lto & devices of all typescheckboxLaboratory Equipment, Industrial Machinery, AircraftcheckboxRobotic Floor Cleaners (Roomba, Scooba, Neato, Mint, Tango)
checkboxBase Units, Docking stationscheckboxLaptops, tablets, notebooks, eReaders of all typescheckboxSatellite Equipment, Dishes, BUCs, LNBs, Waveguides
checkboxCables / WirecheckboxMemory cardscheckboxScanners, barcode, rfid
checkboxCalculatorscheckboxMetals: Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Iron, etc.. Not Paid For..checkboxServers of all types (PC, mini, midrange, mainframe, etc)
checkboxCD-ROM, DVD-ROM Optical Drives & Players of all typcheckboxMicrowave Radio Equipment and AntennascheckboxSmall electronics including mobile phones, MP3 players/iPods,
checkboxCellular Phones, Pages, iPhones, Blackberry, etc..checkboxMonitors of all types (TFT/flat screen, LCD, LED)checkboxStorage devices of all types
checkboxCircuit Boards, PCB’s, Motherboards (any kind)checkboxNetwork Equipment of all types : Routers, Switches, Modems,checkboxTape drives of all types
checkboxComputer peripherals mice, keyboards, computer speakerscheckboxNew or Used Toner and Ink CartridgescheckboxTapes: Data Tapes of all types (DAT, DLT, Imation, SDLT etc)
checkboxConsumer Electronics: iPods, Walkman, GPS, Digital CamerascheckboxPCs/Computers of all types (laptop, notebook, desktop, all-in-one)checkboxTelephone Equipment of all types : PBX, VOIP, Business Phones, Systems
checkboxDesktop printers, laser, copiers, scanners, faxes, multi-function devicescheckboxPeripherals, All Types: Mice, Keyboards, Wires, Power StripscheckboxTest Equipment, Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers
checkboxDigital Drojectors, gaming devices, cable/satellite receiverscheckboxPower cables, Cables, ConnectorscheckboxUPS/battery backup devices (with or without included battery)
checkboxFloppy/CD/DVD/Blu-ray diskscheckboxPower Supplies, AC AdapterscheckboxVCRs, DVD Players, BlueRay Players, Cable Boxes, Tivo, DVR,
checkboxHard drives of all typescheckboxPrinters, Typewriters, Fax Machines, ScannerscheckboxVideo Equipment of all types: Video Cameras, Video Players, Upconverters..

6. How do we handle equipment to be recycled?

Beyond Surplus is registered with the state of Georgia as a Computer Recycler, we adhere to a strict zero-landfill policy for all electronic waste and do not export hazardous materials to other countries.

At our warehouse we thoroughly inspect every item and protect your Data by removing Asset Tags, Stickers and Identifying marks from each unit (Sanitized). During this initial Inspection stage all Hard Drives, CD-Roms, floppy disks, and other magnetic storage media are Wiped or Shredded (data security).

7. We buy large quantities of Equipment $Get PAID$!

Beyond Surplus also provides Asset Recovery & Profit Sharing Services for large volumes of equipment. We Buy Your Business’s Excess Computers, Laptops, Servers, etc. Beyond Surplus Pays fair market price for all equipment unlike scrap metal yards that pay only a fraction “scrap prices”.

8. Living Up to the Mantra: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

After Data Destruction and Sanitization we test all equipment for re-marketing. Reduction and Reuse is the best option to the challenge of ewaste per EPA guidelines. Beyond Surplus partners with Charitable organizations and Churches to provide Free computers, monitors and assorted electronic equipment making them available to low-income families, students and veterans who otherwise would not be able to afford them.

Equipment failing to meet Reuse standards, unrepairable, old, obsolete or not contractually permitted to be remarketed will be Recycled & completely destroyed by demanufacture and or physical shredding. Virtually every component of computer equipment is broken down and Recycled.  We demanufacture scrap computer equipment into it’s base components – glass, steel, copper wire, aluminum, circuit boards, plastics, batteries and other categories.

Separated scrap material is passed onto R2 certified intermediary processor facilities who take the scrap materials into the next step of recycling ensuring it is kept out of the landfill and transformed into new products.

9. Questions?

If you have questions like How we handle your data or what items we accept, or how it works? or if your items qualify for pickup or if your items have to be palletized before pickup (NO, but preferred), feel free to contact us for more information. You can also take pictures of the items and email them to us if you are not sure if your equipment qualifies.

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