Computer Recycling Services

Computer Recycling Services, Recycle All Your Computers, Laptops, Servers & IT Equipment.

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Computer Recycling Services

Congratulations you ended here because you are searching for a local reputable company For Computer Recycling Services in the Atlanta Metro Area, Georgia & Beyond. You can donate your Surplus, obsolete,  working or non-working laptops and computer equipment, recycle or resell large quantities if you are a business.

Computer Recycling Services

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Computer Recycling Services By Mail For Free

You can now recycle select items like Windows Laptops, Apple MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, ChromeBooks by mail for free. Simply request a USPS 0r UPS Shipping label by completing the form below. You Will receive a tracking number to track the progress of  the recycling of your devices. This service is available to Businesses & Residential Customers. Ship your items to us directly from your Home or Business For Free Nationwide regardless of condition.

Computer Recycling ServicesSee Recycle Electronics By Mail

Computer Recycling Business Or Commercial Services

To better assist you first complete the form below 24/7 we need to know what equipment you have, attach any inventory list or pictures or Call during business hours. We will reach out to you after form completion. Only businesses can schedule a pickup in addition to being able drop off equipment at our facility.

Residential Computer Recycling Customer?

First fill out form below 24/7. To better assist you we need to know exactly what you have, you will receive drop off instructions to your nearest Atlanta metro area/Smyrna drop off location and accepted items list. You will receive a drop off number & Information will be emailed to you 1-2 minutes of completing the form. Once you receive your drop off number you can drop off your items anytime during our business hours. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-12PM, 1.30PM-4.30PM; Saturday 8.30Am-1.30PM; Closed: Sunday

Computer Recycling Services

An appointment is not needed but we need to know ahead of time what you intend to recycle. No Pickup service is available for residential customers only drop off. If you have any questions call the number above.

Address: 1835 SOUTH COBB IND. BLVD SE #105, SMYRNA, GA 30082

Whether you are a Business, or a Residential Customer,  old Obsolete technology equipment can create a trail of electronic waste just as harmful to the environment as any non-biodegradable products. Many electronic devices, including computers, laptops, servers, printers and cell phones, contain toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Outdated computer equipment being stored at your business premises are not assets but liabilities.

Computer Recycling Services

Residential customers can ONLY drop off computer equipment at our facility for recycling.

Businesses with a large quantity of equipment Can Recycle obsolete equipment or Sell any business equipment that still has value. Send us your lists/pictures for purchase through the form below, we offer competitive rebates and buy large quantities of Computers, Laptops & IT Equipment. Only Businesses at a commercial address can schedule a pickup.

Computer Recycling Services

Address: 1835 SOUTH COBB IND. BLVD SE #105, SMYRNA, GA 30082

Free Computer Recycling Drop-Off Center

In an effort to create a safe environment for both our customers and employees Beyond Surplus is offering a NO-CONTACT Electronics Recycling Drop-Off Service, this service allows our customers to bring in Accepted Recyclable Electronic Equipment and have no direct contact with anyone. Businesses & the general public can drop off equipment at our Atlanta warehouse during our business hours.

Computer Recycling Services

Beyond Computer Recycling Services

Business Organizations with used or antiquated tech equipment filled with sensitive data require an effective and safe computer recycling and IT disposal solution, Beyond Surplus is a leading computer recycling company with 20 years’ experience in the safe and secure recycling of computer equipment from individuals to fortune 5000, school districts and federal agencies. Free Computer Recycling Services if you drop off at our facility, if you are a business with a lot of computers we can pickup at no cost.

What is included with the Computer Recycling Services

  1. Pickup for Businesses With Qualifying Equipment. Schedule A Pickup. We can remove, pack and transport the equipment to our facility.
  2. Free Drop Off For Residential customers & Businesses that do not qualify for a free pickup or dont want to pay a fee can drop off any number of Acceptable Items at our Smyrna warehouse. (NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED)
  3. Recycling and disposal of all equipment in accordance with all Local & Federal Regulations. R2 Downstream Vendors, Zero Electronic Waste in Landfill. You will not see your equipment on a burn pile on the 6 o’clock news in a foreign country.
  4. Free In-house Shredding of Hard DrivesFree DoD 5220.22-M Data Wipe &/or Physical Shredding, per customer specifications. Unlike your city/county run facility or big box store we do not subcontract hard drive shredding or data destruction, its all done in-house at our facility.
  5. Free Drop Off Receipt / Certificate of Recycling and Data Destruction A Contractual Written Guarantee that your Equipment will be Recycled & Disposed of Responsibly & Your Data Will Be Destroyed Beyond Recovery. Your Local Electronics, Big Box Store, Local City or County run Recycling center provides no Written Guarantee that your equipment & data will be safeguarded and Recycled Responsibly, Only Beyond Surplus Provides this service.
  6. Overview Pictures of the equipment when we receive it at our warehouse. “A picture is worth a thousand words” Visual Verification of equipment delivery to our facility. Along with a delivery report that serves as transfer of liability.
  7. Beyond Surplus will handle the logistics of equipment pick-up and delivery to its warehouse from your company’s location(s). We also make arrangements to use our own equipment, and or a trucking company to facilitate pick-up and delivery. Beyond Surplus will provide the labor to move and palletize the equipment on site and deliver to its warehouse if necessary (if you can palletize before pickup that would be awesome). Additionally, Beyond Surplus will provide technicians to de-install equipment if necessary.

Computer Recycling Services

What happens to equipment picked up with Computer Recycling Services?

All Computer equipment is assessed for remarketing potential in accordance with contractual agreements. Prior to remarketing, proprietary information will be removed from reusable equipment according to NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization, contractual obligations. Equipment failing to meet reuse standards, obsolete or not contractually permitted to be remarketed, will be completely destroyed by de-manufacture and or physical destruction.

Beyond Surplus is registered as a ewaste Recycler. For all obsolete or outdated computer & electronic equipment that we pickup as part of computer recycling services will be recycled responsibly. Unlike other computer recyclers that “landfill” all equipment that they cannot re-use Beyond Surplus is a responsible recycler. You will not see your recycled computers on a burn pile in the 3rd world on your 6 o’clock news. We adhere to a strict zero-landfill policy for all electronic waste and do not export hazardous materials to other countries.

Computer Recycling Services

Free Computer Recycling

Beyond Surplus operates a computer recycling center that disassembles, separates computer and electronic components and raw materials of waste electronics. Our primary focus is re-use, donation and repair of all computer equipment these are common sustainable ways to dispose of IT waste.  Typically computers are typically tested for reuse and repaired. However  some computer equipment is too outdated, or unrepairable.

Computers failing to meet Reuse standards, unrepairable, old, obsolete or not contractually permitted to be remarketed will be Recycled & completely destroyed by demanufacture and or physical shredding. Virtually every component of computer equipment is broken down and Recycled.  We demanufacture scrap computer equipment into it’s base components – glass, steel, copper wire, aluminum, circuit boards, plastics, batteries and other categories.

Separated scrap material is passed onto certified intermediary processor facilities who take the scrap materials into the next step of recycling ensuring it is kept out of the landfill and transformed into new products.

Computer Recycling Services

Free Laptop Computer Recycling

We accept all laptops for recycling regardless of brad, model  or condition. With our old laptop recycle service you can rest assured your laptop will be recycle responsibly. Beyond surplus is Georgia premier technology recycling and laptop computer recycling company. When you recycle the laptop, remember to include all the accessories that came with it like docking stations, keyboard, mice, chargers and any wires/cables.

Free Computer Recycling

Beyond surplus provides safe and secure free computer recycling to businesses and residents in the atlanta metro area. Computer recycling alpharetta ga should not be complicated, we have simplified the whole process if you are a business eligible for pickup or a resident trying to drop off. Athens residents and businesses can take advantage of our free computer recycling athens ga program.  If you are looking for a Computer recycling company looks no further. No other company matches the computer recycling services near you that we offer. Our Computer recycling services are free safe and secure with guaranteed data destruction or hard drive shredding. There is no reason not to recycle your computer.

Free Computer Data Destruction

Unlike other ewaste recyclers in Georgia all Data Destruction is handled in-house for free at a Beyond Surplus facility as part computer recycling service. We do not subcontract any data destruction or shredding, it is all handled at our facility. We offer free complete computer recycling services. Keep your company compliant.  Our data destruction methods are compliant with HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, The Patriot Act, Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, and others. Our  Computer disposal data destruction methods render all media “unusable and/or inaccessible”.

Computer Recycling Services

All Hard Drives deemed to be too old or non-functional will be shredded or otherwise physically destroyed according to NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization at no cost to the customer. For large pickups of servers, computers, laptops etc, Beyond Surplus provides free complementary shredding of storage media this includes a Certificate Of Destruction at no cost.

Items Accepted For Recycling & Disposal

Residential customers can ONLY drop off computer equipment at our facility for recycling.

Businesses with a large quantity of equipment Can Recycle obsolete equipment or Sell any business equipment that still has value. Send us your lists/pictures for purchase through the form below, we offer competitive rebates and buy large quantities of Computers, Laptops & IT Equipment. Only Businesses at a commercial address can schedule a pickup.