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Data Center Decommissioning Disposal & Recycling

Data Center Decommissioning, Donation, Recycling, Sale & Disposal of Data Center Equipment Located in Atlanta Fulton County.
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Are You A Business or Residential Customer?

Business Or Commercial Residential Customer
Your Quick Guide to Recycling Equipment at Data Centers
Data center decommissioning is an important and often overlooked step for businesses of all sizes. Decommissioning is removing your data center equipment from your facility and ensuring that the process is done securely, responsibly, and cost-effectively.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, datacenters play a crucial role in storing and processing vast amounts of information. However, as newer and more advanced systems emerge, the need to decommission legacy data centers becomes inevitable.

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Congratulations you ended here because you are searching for a reputable local company For Complete Data Center Decommissioning Disposal & Recycling in Atlanta Metro Area. We can Remove & Recycle Your Obsolete Data Center Equipment or purchase any Data Center Equipment you have for sale.

It’s important for businesses in Atlanta to understand how to dispose of their data center equipment properly. Beyond Surplus has various options for data center equipment disposal in Atlanta, including recycling, donating, and reselling. This article discusses the importance of data destruction and the benefits of hiring a professional disposal company.

Why should you use our Data Center Decommissioning Service?

Data Center Decommissioning Disposal, Recycling or Relocation projects require comprehensive planning, swift turnaround times and coordinated simultaneous parallel activities. Beyond Surplus is unrivaled in all aspects of Data Center Services.

Part of this project will include the systematic disposal of retired IT assets. Beyond Surplus provides complete asset tracking and decommissioning services to support Data Center upgrades and decommissioning. Beyond Surplus offers these services at no cost depending in the equipment and scope of project.

Is your data center shutting down? Are you relocating your data center? Are you decommissioning your data center?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Beyond Surplus can help. Unlike some companies that will require that you to pay for your equipment decommissioning and removal, then wait while they broker off the valuable assets and equipment.

Beyond surplus assesses the value right away and purchases your equipment of value before beginning the removal process and we let you know up front if the equipment is scrap or if it has value.

Past Project: Large Call Center Shut Down in Alpharetta, Beyond Surplus de-installed, removed, packed, and delivered all the equipment from the client’s facility to our warehouse at no cost.

Business Computer Electronics & IT Equipment Disposal Recycling Services

What is included with Data Center Decommissioning Disposal & Recycling Services

  1. Pickup for Businesses With Qualifying Equipment (List Set To You When You Fill out form). Schedule A Free Pickup. We can remove, pack and transport the equipment to our facility.
  2. Free Drop Off For Residential customers & Businesses that do not qualify for a free pickup or dont want to pay a fee can drop off any number of Acceptable Items at our Smyrna warehouse. (NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED)
  3. Recycling and disposal of all equipment in accordance with all Local & Federal Regulations. R2 Downstream Vendors, Zero Electronic Waste in Landfill. You will not see your equipment on a burn pile on the 6 o’clock news in a foreign country.
  4. FREE In-house Shredding of Hard Drives. Free DoD 5220.22-M Data Wipe &/or Physical Shredding, per customer specifications. Unlike your city/county run facility or big box store we do not subcontract hard drive shredding or data destruction, its all done in-house at our facility.
  5. Free Drop Off Receipt / Certificate of Recycling and Data Destruction A Contractual Written Guarantee that your Equipment will be Recycled & Disposed of Responsibly & Your Data Will Be Destroyed Beyond Recovery. Your Local Electronics, Big Box Store, Local City or County run Recycling center provides no Written Guarantee that your equipment & data will be safeguarded and Recycled Responsibly, Only Beyond Surplus Provides this service.
  6. Overview Pictures of the equipment when we receive it at our warehouse. “A picture is worth a thousand words” Visual Verification of equipment delivery to our facility. Along with a delivery report that serves as a transfer of liability.
  7. Beyond Surplus will handle the logistics of equipment pick-up and delivery to its warehouse from your company’s location(s). We also make arrangements to use our own equipment and or a trucking company to facilitate pick-up and delivery. Beyond Surplus will provide the labor to move and palletize the equipment on site and deliver to its warehouse if necessary (if you can palletize before pickup that would be awesome). Additionally, Beyond Surplus will provide technicians to de-install equipment if necessary

We specialize in Data Center Decommissioning, Disposal & Recycling.

Beyond Surplus provides white glove data center decommissioning service. You call us, we take care of the rest. We are a full-service IT Equipment Disposal company & electronics recycler with solutions for every customer. We come to you, we do all the heavy lifting We make a detailed list and value assessment of all items with resale value, scrap items, items that will be removed with no value, and structural areas to be removed or demolished.

About the only thing harder than building a data center is decommissioning and dismantling one, because the potential for disruption of business is much greater when shutting down a data center than constructing one. With Beyond Surplus your concerns are met with solutions.

Are you consolidating data centers or consolidating servers?

We work on your schedule & do all the lifting. Below are some of the Data Center decommissioning services provided by beyond surplus. Are you closing or shutting down your data center? Beyond Surplus offers data center asset recovery services.

We specialize in data center asset recycling, we work hard to find value in data center assets. Datacenter closure does not have to be a complicated or be a daunting task. The Beyond Surplus data center closure services are convenient and most important free depending on the scope and scale of the project.

Data Center Data Security and Data Destruction Services

All Electronic equipment is assessed for remarketing potential in accordance with contractual agreements. Prior to remarketing, proprietary information will be removed from reusable equipment according to NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization, contractual obligations.

Equipment failing to meet reuse standards, obsolete or not contractually permitted to be remarketed, will be completely destroyed by de-manufacture and or physical destruction. See Atlanta Free Hard Drive Shredding

Call (404) 905-8235 For Atlanta Data Center Decommissioning
We are the premier data center decommission company in Atlanta. Our data center decommission services are unrivaled and unmatched from planning to execution. We can help you develop data center decommissioning best practices and a checklist with a time frame. Not all Data center decommissioning companies are the same, we are the best at what we do.

If you are looking for free data center decommissioning services you have come to the right place. Beyond Surplus offers complete data center decommission services. From Data center decommissioning, Data center demolition, Data center deconstruction, Data center tear down, Data center asset recovery, Data center asset recycling, we do it all.

We also remove secondary equipment like docking stations, UPS, keyboards, mice you will be surprised how equipment like this piles up.

Certified Data Center Decommissioning

Our comprehensive services include all regulatory required documentation supporting the destruction of equipment. We also guarantee that all data will be sanitized from any equipment as required by the customer.

Data centers are the backbone of any business and require a certain level of maintenance and upkeep. However, when it comes to disposing of old or outdated equipment, it can be difficult and time-consuming to do it on your own. That’s why working with a professional Atlanta data center equipment disposal service is important.

Call (404) 905-8235 For Data Center Disposal Services in Alpharetta
Are you closing your data center or just 1 or more cages in a colocation data center? We can help. We know Atlanta, we offer free data center disposal services in Atlanta. Our Data center equipment disposal services are Certified. You can request a Certificate of Recycling & Data Destruction for the data center equipment disposal service after the equipment is picked up and processed at our facility.

You know your equipment has value so why should you pay for data center equipment disposal services? With Beyond Surplus you do not have to.

We will let you know if the equipment has value or if its scrap our service includes disposal of outdated equipment servers, SANs, network gear, firewalls, routers . If the equipment is low value or deemed scrap beyond surplus will handle all the data center equipment recycling, we offer complete A-Z data center equipment recycling services. We will bring all the equipment and tools to safely remove all equipment from the data center as part of our data center equipment removal services. From Data Center Liquidation to data center pickup we handle it all.

Call (404) 905-8235 For Data Center Recycling Services in Atlanta GA

Lets face it some equipment might be obsolete, you might have held on to it for too long, don’t worry with our data center recycling services will make sure all the obsolete data center equipment is recycled responsibly and documented as such. When a Data center shut down, that’s not the end of the world, we will find a new home for all the equipment. We will help you develop a data center shutdown procedure as part of our data center shut down service.

Datacenter shutdown services are complex tasks requiring the owner to plan for migration during the data center shutting down. With our data center shutting down services datacenter shutting down services we will remove obsolete equipment and supplies – transformers, circuit breakers, test equipment, reels of cable, spare telco parts. Part of our data center tear down service include De-install racks, rail kits, power cords, cabinets.

Service Area: Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, Athens, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Albany, Johns Creek, Warner Robins, Alpharetta, Marietta, Valdosta, Smyrna, Dunwoody, Gainesville, Peachtree Corners, Rome, Peachtree City, East Point, Hinesville, Dalton, Newnan, Milton, Douglasville. Kennesaw

Atlanta Data Center Decommissioning Disposal & Recycling Drop Off Center

In an effort to create a safe environment for both our customers and employees Beyond Surplus is offering a NO-CONTACT Electronics Recycling Drop-Off Service, this service allows our customers to bring in Accepted Recyclable Electronic Equipment and have no direct contact with anyone. Businesses & the general public can drop off accepted equipment at our Atlanta warehouse during our business hours.

Decommissioning a datacenter is a complex and crucial process that involves shutting down and removing all the hardware, software, and infrastructure components. It is a necessary step for organizations to upgrade their technology, consolidate operations, or adapt to changing business needs.

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Our Process

Only businesses can schedule a pickup. Residential customers can mail-in or drop-off only.

Compile List of Items to be Recycled

Provide as much detail as possible. e.g 5 computers, 3 printers, 2 laptops, etc.

Contact Beyond Surplus and Request a Recycling Pick up or Drop off

Schedule over the phone, by email or by filling out our form

Pick Up or Drop Off

Pickup or drop off will be scheduled based on your preferred date and time. Confirmation email wil be sent confirming pickup or dropoff

We Handle Logistics

We do all the planning, heavy lifting, and nationwide logistics coordination including on or offsite hard drive shredding so you can focus on your business.

Secure Wiping Data

Our wiping methods are certified. Rest assured your data and information is secure with beyond surplus. Certificates of destruction available upon request.


Certificates of recycling & data destruction are available for each load of equipment picked up. These are contractual written guarantees that your equipment will be disposed of responsibly.

Service Areas

Navigating the Various Rules and Regulations As They Pertain To Your Industry Can Seem Daunting. We Can Help. Leverage Our Nationwide Footprint.
We do all the planning, heavy lifting, and logistics coordination including on or offsite hard drive shredding so you can focus on your business.





Georgia Service Area

Electronic Recycling Services in Atlanta, GA

Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying about us.

"We have used Beyond Surplus twice now for recycling laptops and desktops no longer needed within the company. They were fast and efficient with coming to get and haul away our old items. I definitely recommend them for businesses in the Atlanta area."

Jason Strain

"Five stars all the way. Instant call back, immediate scheduling even on a holiday, cooperative, thorough and attentive with pickup arrangement, on-time arrival and courteous and personable driver who knows his job and how to do it (load skids and wrap them for transport). Absolutely a great service and I am grateful for it. Many thanks."

"Twice now Beyond Surplus has professionally and quickly removed our company's e-waste. They are very easy to work with and I cannot recommend them highly enough. We will definitely be using them in the future."
Jennice Ozment


Here are frequently asked questions on the services that we provide.

Why should I take my old electronics to an electronic recycling center?

When it comes to disposing of old electronics, electronic recycling centers provide the most responsible and environmentally friendly solution. Electronic recycling is a process that repurposes electronic components such as computers and mobile phones into new, usable items like new computers or cell phones. By taking your old electronics to a recycling center, you will be preventing them from entering landfills where they can cause considerable environmental damage due to hazardous materials such as lead and mercury. In fact, research shows that throwing away an old computer can contribute more than 4 pounds of greenhouse gases into the environment!

Why should hard drives be destroyed by professionals?

Data security: improper disposal of old hard drives can lead to severe data breaches.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is responsible for enforcing the “Disposal Rule” which requires companies to properly dispose of personally identifiable information (PII) on computer hard drives or other digital media. The goal is to reduce the risk of data breaches and identity theft by holding companies accountable for their handling of consumer information. This rule sets the crosshairs of the FTC on the computer-recycling, IT Asset Disposal and digital media destruction process of an organization.

Who recycles computers in Atlanta?

We provide it equipment disposal services to a wide range of clients, including government agencies, healthcare providers, schools, universities, data centers, residential customers and much more.

What area do you service?

We pickup Nationwide from all contiguous United States. Handling All aspects of pickup, removal, and logistics.

Do you charge a fee to pick up equipment for recycling?

Contact Us With A List Of Equipment You Have to go over your options. Beyond Surplus will handle the logistics of equipment pick-up and delivery to its warehouse from your company’s location(s). We also make arrangements to use our own equipment, and or a trucking company to facilitate pick-up and delivery. Beyond Surplus will provide the labor to move and palletize the equipment on site and deliver to its warehouse if necessary. Additionally, Beyond Surplus will provide technicians to de-install equipment if necessary.

Can you recycle iPads?

Yes, you can absolutely recycle your old iPad. iPad recycling or any other electronic device is one of the best ways to reduce waste and limit environmental damage. The benefits of recycling your old device are countless—not only does it keep gadgets out of landfills, but it also helps extend the life cycle of materials used in manufacturing new products and decreases the need to harvest more raw materials from the planet’s resources.

Do you have a list of items you accept for recycling?

Do you have minimum quantity pickup requirements for businesses?

YES, Recycle 1 Pallet (40″x48″x5′ pile of stuff) for priority pickup, or if less you can drop off or wait for truck to be in the area.

Must the equipment be on a pallet before being picked up?

NO, The best possible way to transport LARGE QUANTITY of obsolete computer equipment is on pallets. Gaylord (Bulk) boxes (a 4-cube, heavy cardboard box that is filled on a pallet) provide the best stability.
We have found that neatly stacking components, even monitors, on a pallet will be stable for transport if shrink-wrapped well.

While having the equipment packed or palletized prior to pick up is ideal and results in a quick pick up, we know some businesses are located in High rise buildings, office parks, or locations without a loading dock or have no Pallets or Boxes to prepare the equipment for pick up. This is not a problem, Let us know, we come prepared with all the required equipment to safely remove the equipment from your building to our truck and to our warehouse.

Do you Accept Paper, Cardboard, Glass?

NO, Please contact your local City or sanitation department for the proper recycling & disposal of these item types.

Do you pick up large office copiers?

Yes, Just the copiers? Copiers Only? Request a quote, Can The Fee Be Waived? Yes Only if picked up with 2 or more pallets worth of computer or IT equipment to offset the cost. Copiers can be dropped off at our warehouse.

Do you buy scrap metal or aluminum cans? Are you a scrap metal yard?

NO, Beyond Surplus currently DOES NOT purchase ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. We  do accept scrap metal with NO Pay NO Charge.

Do you have an area that the equipment be dropped off at your warehouse after business hours?

NO, All equipment drop offs must be supervised during business hours per EPA guidelines.

Do you charge a fee for recycling?

Yes & No, One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Is there a Fee to drop off equipment for recycling?” For the most part NO depending on the items, please check our accepted items page to determine if there is a fee or not.

NO Charge for Computer LCD or LED Monitors

Do you pay for equipment dropped off for recycling?

NO, some equipment actually costs Beyond Surplus to recycle and dispose off correctly.

Do you pick up items for recycling from homes?

NO, RESIDENTIAL pick ups are available at this time, however items can be dropped off at our warehouse. This includes businesses operated out out homes.

Please refer to the yellow pages for companies that offer residential pickup if items cannot be dropped off at the Beyond Surplus warehouse.

Are there any limits to the amount of electronics customers can drop off?

NO, you can drop off or Businesses can schedule pick up of any quantity of items on our Accepted Items list.

Can I Schedule a Pickup over the Phone?

NO, We prefer that you submit a pickup request online at your convenience gathering all the required information,  some information like pictures of equipment and inventory lists cannot be sent over the phone furthermore an online signature is required for all pickup requests.

Do you have other drop off locations In Georgia?

NO, Just the Smyrna location. If you are unable to drop off items  at the Marietta Beyond Surplus warehouse please contact your city, county or sanitation department for your nearest recycling drop off center.

Can I mail in my equipment to be recycled by USPS, FedEx, UPS or Freight?

YES, Please contact us for instructions, depending on the items we can pay for shipping.

Don't let obsolete IT equipment become your liability

Without professional IT asset disposal, you risk data breaches, environmental penalties, and lost returns from high-value equipment. Choose Beyond Surplus to transform your IT disposal challenges into opportunities.

Join our growing clientele of satisfied customers across Georgia who trust us with their IT equipment disposal needs. Let us lighten your load.