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Data Security

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When making the decision to recycle unwanted PCs, data security and privacy is extremely important. Even a non-functional PC still has a hard drive full of data inside it. For businesses, this can include sensitive customer or client data, as well as other business data. Home PCs usually contain personal data, financial data, passwords, and other sensitive material. Whether you’re sending computers to the recycling center for destructive recycling or donating them to charity, it’s essential that all sensitive data be removed completely, Beyond Surplus can handle all your data destruction requirements. 

  • Keep your company compliant.  Our data destruction methods are compliant with HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, The Patriot Act, Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, and others.
  • Our Data destruction methods render all media “unusable and/or inaccessible”.
  • Private security service or patrol for the facility.
  • All hard drives and other storage media are securely locked under 24/7 video surveillance at the Beyond Surplus Secure Facility until destroyed.

Secure Data Destruction

All Electronic equipment is assessed for remarketing potential in accordance with contractual Hard Drives To Be Destroyed Lock Boxagreements. Prior to remarketing, proprietary information will be removed from reusable equipment according to NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization, contractual obligations. Equipment failing to meet reuse standards, obsolete or not contractually permitted to be remarketed, will be completely destroyed by de-manufacture and or physical destruction. We also recommend that you wipe or reset any phones, pda’s, tablets, enterprise routers, switches and VPN firewalls before recycling.

We offer various data destruction options based on your specific needs.

Service #1: Secure Hard Drive Wipe (Free)

By Default for Every Item processed by Beyond Surplus we will thoroughly inspect every item and protect your Data by removing Asset Tags, Stickers and Identifying marks from each unit (Sanitize). During this initial Inspection stage every drive is wiped using a Department of Defense Compliant erasure program free of charge.

We offer Free hard drive wiping using the DoD 5220.22-M 3 Pass data sanitization methods that will prevent all software based file recovery methods on all hard drives picked up or dropped off at our warehouse.

All Hard Drives to be wiped lockboxhard drives & storage devices deemed to be too old or non-functional will be shredded or otherwise physically destroyed according to NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization at no cost to the customer.

We will supply you with a “Certificate of Recycling & Data Destruction” stating that any drives included with the pickup or drop off of equipment were destroyed, submit this request with your online pickup request. For a nominal fee we can also scan and record all the serial numbers in a spreadsheet in addition to the Recycling & Data Destruction Certificate.

All hard drives are wiped without accessing any data on them, for obvious reason we do now want to know what is on your hard drives.

We can create a detailed inventory list of equipment picked up. It will contain each item’s brand, model, serial number, asset tag number(s), and more to help with your compliance needs.

All drives that fail, cannot be wiped or obsolete will be shredded at no cost to you by default.

Service #2: Secure Serialized Hard Drive Shredding

Physical Hard Drive Destruction (Fee Per Drive)

With this service, we will pickup your hard drives & or hard drive containing computers, laptops & servers and securely deliver to our warehouse. At our secure facility we will remove & Shred All Hard Drives & Record Serial Numbers.

After destruction the customer will be emailed a Certificate of Destruction with Date, Media Type Destroyed, Serial Number & Method of Destruction.

This service meets all compliance needs.

Service #3: Visual Verification of Destruction

Physical Hard Drive Destruction (Fee Per Drive)

Beyond Surplus gives you 100% peace of mind offering you Visual Verification of Destruction at our Smyrna Warehouse. We will destroy your hard drives while you watch. This particular physical destruction is considered the most effective way to guarantee absolute data destruction.

Service #4: Free, Complimentary Shredding Of Hard Drives

For large pickups of servers, computers, laptops etc, Beyond Surplus provides free complementary shredding of storage media. Let us know how much equipment you have to determine if it is enough to offset the cost of shredding.

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An appointment is required for this service Schedule A Drop Off Online.

Phones, Tablets, Mobile Devices Electronic Recycling

All devices are rest to factory devices using the manufacturer’s built in secure reset feature, if the devices do not power on or cannot be reset, they will be physically destroyed. Most mobile devices, windows, apple or android devices require the use of passwords, and the devices cannot be used without the password forcing them to be reset to factory defaults before being usable.

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Our employees are sent to your location(s) to deinstall and or dismantle computer equipment, and data centers. We stage it and prepare it for shipment to our warehouse.

Secure Pickup and logistics

We use a network of truck drivers to pick freight up all over the nation. When servicing companies in the Atlanta metro area, we use our company owned truck. We can create serial number lists of equipment picked up on pickup if needed. We specialize in working with companies who have hundreds to thousands of locations.

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