Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones

Disposal Of Cell Phones, Donate Or Recycle Your Data Devices. Recycling your old cellphone is a great way to help the environment and keep hazardous materials out of landfills. Learn more about what you need to consider before recycling your phone. Do you have an old cellphone that you no longer use? If so, it’s time to consider recycling it.

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Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones Is what we do at Beyond Surplus. Congratulations you ended here because you are searching for a local reputable company to Donate, Safely Recycle Or Disposal Of Obsolete, Surplus Cell Phones. See: How to prepare your computers, tablets, phones, ipads & iphones for recycling in Atlanta Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones | Beyond Surplus Recycling

Recycle By Mail Select Electronics

You can now recycle select items like Windows Laptops, Apple MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, ChromeBooks by mail for free. Simply request a USPS 0r UPS Shipping label by completing the form below. You Will receive a tracking number to track the progress of  the recycling of your devices. This service is available to Businesses & Residential Customers. Ship your items to us directly from your Home or Business For Free Nationwide regardless of condition.

Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones | Beyond Surplus RecyclingSee Recycle Electronics By Mail

Disposal Of Cell Phones Business Or Commercial Customer?

To better assist you first complete the form below 24/7 we need to know what equipment you have, attach any inventory list or pictures or Call during business hours. We will reach out to you after form completion. Only businesses can schedule a pickup in addition to being able drop off equipment at our facility. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-12PM, 1.30PM-4.30PM; Saturday 8.30Am-1.30PM; Closed: Sunday

Residential Customer?

First fill out form below 24/7. To better assist you we need to know exactly what you have, you will receive drop off instructions to your nearest Atlanta metro area/Smyrna drop off location and accepted items list. You will receive a drop-off number & Information will be emailed to you 1-2 minutes of completing the form. When you receive your drop-off number you can drop off your items anytime during our business hours. Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones | Beyond Surplus RecyclingAn appointment is not needed but we need to know ahead of time what you intend to recycle. No Pickup service is available for residential customers only drop off. If you have any questions call the number above. Address: 1835 SOUTH COBB IND. BLVD SE #105, SMYRNA, GA 30082

Why should you recycle old cell phones in Atlanta?

Phones experience rapid technological change in the cellphone industry, low initial cost, and even planned obsolescence of devices like Apple iPhones have resulted in a fast-growing surplus. 100-120 million phones are discarded every year resulting in them becoming the fastest growing form of electronic waste around the globe. Cell phones contain materials like lead, mercury, arsenic, and other hazardous compounds that are toxic to the environment. Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones | Beyond Surplus Recycling In some States Mobile phones are “considered hazardous waste” ; many chemicals in such phones leach from landfills into the groundwater system. Electronic scrap accounts for 70% of the overall toxic waste currently found in landfills in the U.S.A

Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones | Beyond Surplus Recycling

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Beyond Surplus Accepts All Cellphones, Flip Phones Or Smartphones Regardless of Age, Brand Or Condition in Atlanta, GA, Fulton County. A cell phone’s shelf life is only about 24 months for the average user. This means that newer cell phone models are constantly put up on the market to replace older ones. This is as a result of the rapid progression of technology in the mobile industry. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 141 million mobile phones were discarded in 2009 and only 12 million of those were collected for recycling. Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones | Beyond Surplus Recycling Most cell phones contain precious metals and plastics that can be recycled to save energy and resources that would otherwise be required to mine or manufacture. The circuit board on cell phones can be made of copper, gold, lead, zinc, beryllium, tantalum, coltan, and other raw materials that would require significant resources to mine and manufacture. This is why recycling old cell phones and sourcing these increasingly scarce materials whenever possible is important.

The Recycling Process Of Cell Phones, Flip Phones Or Smartphones

During the recycling process, any part of a usable mobile device is repurposed instead of being immediately thrown out. The process generally starts when the recycler ships the batteries off to be recycled at a specialized establishment. Then the phone is shredded and melted down in order to take out any materials that can be re-used. Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones | Beyond Surplus Recycling Phone parts that can be recycled include: Batteries; Metals; Plastics; Aerials; Battery connectors; LCD screens; Microphones; Screws; Speakers.

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According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, there are around 350,000 cell phones thrown away every day in the US! We will find a new home for Your Re-Usable Old Cell Phones, Flip Phones Or Smartphones in Kennesaw, GA Cobb County. At our warehouse, we thoroughly inspect every donated Old Cell Phones, Flip Phones Or Smartphones and protect your Data by removing Asset Tags, Stickers and Identifying marks from each unit (Sanitized). During this initial Inspection stage all Devices Are Factory Reset Or Wiped To Protect Your Information. If They Cannot Be Factory Reset They Are Physically Shredded for free. Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones, (404) 905-8235 After Data Destruction and Sanitization we test all equipment for re-use or re-marketing. Reduction and Reuse is the best option to the challenge of ewaste per EPA guidelines. Beyond Surplus partners with Charitable organizations and Churches to provide Free computersmonitors and assorted electronic equipment making them available to low-income families, students and veterans who otherwise would not be able to afford them.

Keeping Your Information Secure

Prior to recycling your cell phone, you should make sure that your information on the device is backed up. Remove your SIM card. After you have backed up your phone, Go into your settings to factory reset it and wipe any existing personal data. Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones | Beyond Surplus Recycling
  1. Backup your device. You should also look to ensure that you have saved all of the data you want from your device. This can include messages, photos and videos. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for backing up your device. With an iPhone, go into settings, then find iCloud and then back up. With Android again find settings and head for the google sync option.
  2. Reset your phone. Once you have saved the data, now is the time to look at resetting it back to its original settings. Again for both iPhone and Samsung to reset your phone you just head over to the settings menu and navigate to Reset.
  3. Remove your SIM / Memory card/ SD Card. Don’t forget to take this out before sending the device.
What if you cannot reset your Cell Phones, Flip Phones Or Smartphones? No Worries Beyond Surplus will recycle it and safeguard your information by Disassembling your phone into basic components.

What is included with The Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones Services

Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones | Beyond Surplus Recycling
  1. Pickup for Businesses With Qualifying Equipment. Schedule A Pickup. We can remove, pack and transport the equipment to our facility.
  2. Free Drop Off For Residential customers & Businesses that do not qualify for a pickup or dont want to pay a fee can drop off any number of Acceptable Items at our Smyrna warehouse. (NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED)
  3. Recycling and disposal of all equipment in accordance with all Local & Federal RegulationsR2 Downstream Vendors, Zero Electronic Waste in Landfill. You will not see your equipment on a burn pile on the 6 o’clock news in a foreign country.
  4. Free Data Destruction, Factory Data Reset or In-house Shredding of Phones That Are Too Old or Cannot Be Factory Reset
  5. Free Drop Off Receipt / Certificate of Recycling and Data Destruction A Contractual Written Guarantee that your Phones will be Recycled & Disposed of Responsibly & Your Data Will Be Destroyed Beyond Recovery. Your Local Electronics, Big Box Store, Local City or County run Recycling center provides no Written Guarantee that your equipment & data will be safeguarded and Recycled Responsibly, Only Beyond Surplus Provides this service.
  6. Overview Pictures of Picked Up Business equipment when we receive it at our warehouse. “A picture is worth a thousand words” Visual Verification of equipment delivery to our facility. Along with a delivery report that serves as transfer of liability.
  7. For Businesses Only. Beyond Surplus will handle the logistics of equipment pick-up and delivery to its warehouse from your company’s location(s). We also make arrangements to use our own equipment, and or a trucking company to facilitate pick-up and delivery. Beyond Surplus will provide the labor to move and palletize the equipment on site and deliver to its warehouse if necessary (if you can palletize before pickup that would be awesome). Additionally, Beyond Surplus will provide technicians to de-install equipment if necessary.
Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones | Beyond Surplus Recycling

Address: 1835 SOUTH COBB IND. BLVD SE #105, SMYRNA, GA 30082

Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones Drop Off Center

In an effort to create a safe environment for both our customers and employees Beyond Surplus is offering a NO-CONTACT Electronics Recycling Drop-Off Service, this service allows our customers to bring in Accepted Recyclable Electronic Equipment and have no direct contact with anyone. Businesses & the general public can drop off equipment at our Atlanta warehouse during our business hours.

Donate Recycle Or Disposal Of Cell Phones | Beyond Surplus Recycling