Hard Drive Shredding

When making the decision to recycle unwanted PCs, data security and privacy is extremely important, Beyond Surplus offers an unrivaled Atlanta Free Hard Drive Shredding service.

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Hard Drive Shredding & Disposal Services For Businesses Or Residential Customers

Even a non-functional PC still has a hard drive full of data inside it. For businesses, this can include sensitive customer or client data, as well as other business data. Home PCs usually contain personal data, financial data, passwords, and other sensitive material.

Whether you’re sending computers to the recycling center for destructive recycling or donating them to charity, it’s essential that all sensitive data be removed completely, Beyond Surplus can handle all your data destruction requirements. We offered free hard drive shredding of all hard drives from computer equipment picked and delivered to our facility per customer requirements. 

Hard Drive Disposal & Destruction Service

Beyond Surplus is the premier Atlanta hard drive destruction company. We offer free Atlanta hard drive shredding on all enterprise-level equipment like servers laptops and storage arrays. If your business is looking for Atlanta secure hard drive destruction, we can help by offering a customer service for your organization. We specialize in secure hard drive disposal for all metro Atlanta businesses or consumers. If you are looking for hard drive disposal in Atlanta we can help.

Hard Drive ShreddingKeep your company compliant! Our data destruction methods are compliant with HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, The Patriot Act, Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, and others.

  • Our Data destruction methods render all media “unusable and/or inaccessible”.
  • Private security service or patrol for the facility.
  • All hard drives and other storage media are securely locked under 24/7 video surveillance at the Beyond Surplus Secure Facility until destroyed.
  • See Data Security

We are Registered with the state of Georgia as an Atlanta Electronics Waste (e Waste) Recycler, we comply with all recycling laws. Beyond Surplus keeps all electronic waste out of the landfill. We do not export any hazardous materials to other countries compared to other Georgia companies.

Free Hard Drive Shredding (Free Service)

Hard Drive Shredding

We offer Free Physical Hard Drive destruction from from All Business Equipment that we pickup & All Equipment Dropped off at our warehouse, we will supply you with a “Certificate of Recycling & Data Destruction” stating that the drives were destroyed, submit this request with your online pickup request. For a nominal fee we can also scan and record all the serial numbers in a spreadsheet in addition to the Recycling & Data Destruction Certificate. If you are looking for a hard drive destruction near you we can help.

Beyond Surplus services the data destruction needs of companies in Georgia big and small looking for hard drive destruction in Georgia. We can develop a custom hard drive destruction service just for your organization. Our hard drive destruction service cost businesses next to nothing if we pickup other equipment along with the hard drives. Searching for hard drive destruction service in Marietta, Roswell or other metro area cities? We can help. 

Visual Verification of Destruction (Paid Service)

Beyond Surplus gives you 100% peace of mind offering you Visual Verification of Destruction at our Smyrna Warehouse. We will destroy your hard drives while you watch. This particular physical Hard Drive Shreddingdestruction is considered the most effective way to guarantee absolute data destruction. Contact us to request a quote. 

You have the option of requesting a Certificate of Destruction that includes serial numbers of all Media that has been destroyed for a small fee.

Certified hard drive destruction (Free Service)

With this computer hard drive recycling service, we will pickup your hard drives & or hard drive containing computers, laptops & servers and securely deliver to our warehouse. At our secure facility, we will remove Record Serial Numbers & Shred All Hard Drives. After the destruction the customer will be emailed a Certificate of Destruction with Date, Media Type Destroyed, Serial Number & Method of Destruction. This service meets all compliance needs like HIPPAA with a certificate of destruction hard drive issued.

Contact us if you have special requirements for computer data destruction hard drive. For a nominal fee we can scan and record all the serial numbers in a spreadsheet in addition to the Free Recycling & Data Destruction Certificate. We are a data destruction offering free data destruction services. We can destroy hard drives like no other company in Georgia. We can help with destroying laptop hard drives or destroy computer hard drives. We can destroy any hard drive.

Free Secure Data Destruction (Free Service)

By Default for Every Item processed by Beyond Surplus we will thoroughly inspect every item and protect your Data by removing Asset Tags, Stickers and Identifying marks from each unit (Sanitize). Beyond Surplus is a leading data destruction company in Atlanta offering free data destruction services to businesses in Marietta, Alpharetta, Duluth, Lawrencville and other Atlanta Metro areas. During te initial Inspection stage every drive is wiped using a Department of Defense Compliant erasure program free of charge.

We offer Free Data Destruction aka free hard drive wiping using the DoD 5220.22-M 3 Pass data sanitization methods that will prevent all software based file recovery methods on all hard drives picked up or dropped off at our warehouse.

All hard drives & storage devices deemed to be too old or non-functional will be shredded or otherwise physically destroyed according to NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization at no cost to the customer.

Hard Drive Shredding

At beyond surplus we specialize in destroying hard drives. We can efficiently and securely destroy laptop hard drives. Contact us if you want us to destroy your computer hard drive.

How We Destroy Hard Drives

Beyond Surplus operates an Ameri-Shred industrial hydraulic shredder specifically designed to destroy your hard drives, data backup tapes Beyond Recovery. Only complete, physical destruction will ensure that your digital data is permanently destroyed. As your business faces a surge of privacy breach threats, it’s not enough to simply erase data from your media before it’s discarded. Beyond Surplus offers several approaches to permanent hard drive destruction depending, on type of media and volume.

We can efficiently and securely destroy any quantity of hard drives. We destroy hard drives like no other companies in the Atlanta metro area. We are experts at destroying old hard drives. We can effortlessly destroy old computers’ hard drives. We handle hard disk drive disposal for corporations, school districts and Fortune 5000 companies. If you are looking to dispose of hard drive in Atlanta you have come to the right place. We can help with disposing of hard drives or hard drive shredding with our free hard drive destroying service. 

How To Destroy a Hard Drive?

You ended here because you are searching for how to destroy a hard drive. We have streamlined the process of how to destroy data on a hard drive permanently. We are experts on how to dispose of hard drives and know the different legal requirements of how to safely destroy hard drive.

Hard Drive Shredding

We can shred 750 Server Hard Drives to 1500 Standard Hard Drives Per Hour At our Smyrna facility. A 1-1/2” Shred Width Guarantees destruction of the hard drive platters, mechanisms and electronic components Beyond Recovery rendering the data unrecoverable.

Hard Drive Crushing

Our Hard Disk Crusher (HDC) drills through the hard disk’s spindles and physically creates ripples in the platters making it impossible to recover the data.

We offer secure destruction of the following electronic media:
• Hard drives
• SSD drives
• Backup tapes & storage media
• CDs and DVDs
• Portable jump drives, thumb drives and flash drive USB devices

Hard Drive Wiping

We offer Free Data Destruction also known as free hard drive wiping using the DoD 5220.22-M 3 Pass data sanitization methods that will prevent all software-based file recovery methods on all hard drives. All hard drives & storage devices deemed to be too old or non-functional will be shredded or otherwise physically destroyed according to NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization at no cost to the customer. Looking for where you can shred my hard drive? Or Atlanta hard drive destruction or where can i take a hard drive we can help. You have found where to dispose of old hard drives or where to wipe your hard drive.

Hard Drive Recycling Service

Shredded or destroyed hard drives are recycled, separated for precious metals, and smelted as part of the refining process. Hard drives contain precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and Palladium. You can safely and securely recycle hard drives with Beyond Surplus. If you are looking to recycle hard drives near you, this is the place. You can recycle old hard drives this is the right thing to do. Recycling old hard drives is simple and easy.

Hard Drive Shredding

Contact us for free computer hard drive recycling services. Regardless of hard drives, we can securely recycle them, laptop hard drives, server hard drives, laptop hard drives, old hard drives can all be securely recycled by Beyond Surplus at our Hard Drive Recycling Facility.

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