Items Accepted For Recycling & Disposal

We offer Electronics, computer recycling and e-waste disposal pick-up for businesses and drop-off only for residential customers in the Atlanta Metro Area. We accept at no cost for Recycling (free): flat screen lcd computer monitors, Laptops, desktop computers, servers, Smartphones, Audio/Video Equipment,  Tablets, IT network equipment, routers, phones, telecom equipment, peripheral devices etc and much more, scroll below for complete list of Items Accepted For Recycling & Disposal. 

1. Chargeable Items | 2. Items Not Accepted | 3. Items Accepted For FREE Recycling! 

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However there are some ITEMS WE/DO NOT ACCEPT see the list below.

1. Chargeable Items

Residential Customer Printers Or Printers Dropped of At warehouse: $20 Per Printer If printer is dropped off at warehouse (Laser OR Inkjet) , Printers/Copiers are mostly plastic & have Zero (0.00) Scrap/recycling value. 

CLICK HERE To Pay For Copier/Printer Disposal Fee

OR Pay Cash on Drop off (Exact Change)

Business Customer Printers Picked Up:  $20.00 

Items Accepted For Recycling & Disposal

Copiers: $100 Fee if Dropped off at our warehouse

Items Accepted For Recycling & Disposal

Copiers, Printers, DC’s, DVD Discs, Data Backup Tapes have ZERO (0) scrap value, if picked up alone without other equipment a minimum $200 fee will be charged. E.g A business wants Only copiers or 1 or 2 copiers/printers to be picked up, contact us to request a quote. If you have a large volume of copiers or printers contact us before delivery or pickup for a quote. If you have A large quantity of software discs, dvd’s, data tapes, contact us for a quote.

If you are a business and you have copiers including a lot of other equipment copier fee will be waived.

Items Accepted For Recycling & Disposal

2. Items Not Accepted:

*Gas Grills, Charcoal Grills, Bbq Grills *Items Accepted For Recycling & Disposal

Home Appliances: *Vacuum Cleaners* * Smoke detectors * Mercury-containing devices* *Exit Signs*

Bulbs: All Types Not Allowed, LED, CFL, CRT, Bare Lead Glass Tubes, Florescent tubes, LED Tubes etc

Furniture: Sofas, Beds, Mattresses , chairs, tables, desks etc

Items Accepted For Recycling & Disposal
Single Use Batteries: Alkaline, NI-CAD, NI-MH, AA, AAA NOT ALLOWED

Single Use Batteries: Alkaline, NI-CAD, NI-MH, AA, AAA

(Lead Acid Battery Accepted, UPS, Backup  Battery Accepted, Undamaged, Not A Bulging Lithium Ion Battery Accepted)

Items Accepted For Recycling & Disposal

*CRT Monitors*

Tapes: Magnetic Tapes of Any Kind, Video, Audio, Data, VHS Tapes *Audio Tapes* Backup tapes Not Allowed

Liquid of any kind: Freon Containing Devices, Paint or Wet Items,

Building Material:  *Lumber* *Wood* *Doors* Windows 

CD’s, DVD’s, Optical Discs (The Only Exception is Game Discs with their console).

Municipal Solid Waste: Paper, Cardboard, Glass, wood, bottles, plastic, Contact your local city or sanitation department. 

Large Quantities of Broken screen monitors or Displays, while we accept flat screen monitors we cannot accept a large quantity of broken monitors or displays. 

We can not accept items that are considered household hazardous waste.

Large quantity of  broken printers or copiers, contact  for  a junk disposal  quote

Disclaimer: Beyond Surplus reserves the right to decline to accept any material free of charge especially unusually large volumes of low-end electronic equipment that require excessive handling & processing e.g Large volume of broken monitors, Large quantity of printers or copiers and any equipment that is wet or covered in mud.

Avoid Surprises Call, Text, or Submit the Form Below To Get Started Recycling. 

8/31/2018 – There have been drastic changes in the recycling industry during the past year. Local and international markets for recyclable material have dropped up to 50%-90% on some commodities. The markets are no where near where they use to be. Due to these uncontrollable changes, Beyond Surplus has chosen to reduce the material that we would normally process. We also choose to recycle, “HIGH IMPACT RECYCLING” material. These are the items that are most in recycling demand and can be recycled efficiently and swiftly.